Mammoth Cruiser Cooler - Pick Size/Color

If you’re going to get a Yeti knockoff, might as well get the Ozark Trail model from Walmart.

Their 26qt model is under $100.

Wow! Thank you. Just bought the Ozark 52.

How many beers will each size hold? This seems like a no brainer question and their website provides nothing to this point.

Good question. We’ve added the following to the specs:

MC15 - cans 13 / 12 bottles
MC20 - cans 19 / 14 bottles
MC25 - cans 28 / 15 bottles
MC30 - cans 30 / 17 bottles

Stupid me for not reading the fine print or not realizing 25 didn’t signify 25qts (6+ gallons). I can’t believe how freaking small the 25model is. I’m returning it if woot will take it back.