Mammoth Hunter

Perfect tee/hoodie since Seattle discovered the SLU Mammoth tusk.

Truth in sadness expressed in a nicely moody tableau (and writeup).

Elephants don’t really make art.

A very talented Mammoth.

I giggled when I saw this shirt. :slight_smile:

Why would the mammoth need a spear w/ those giant tusks?

He doesn’t need a spear. He stole it from the person he is chasing. :slight_smile:

I love this design! In fact, I honestly think it’s one of the best new designs I have seen, in a long time. It’s simple, to the point and humorous.

But do I need another brown hoodie? I already have 2 zip-ups and a pullover.

Of course I do. Nice work Pyne! I hope to see more.

Mammoth’s got game.

He’s orchestrated the game.

Fido bring pointy stick back to human. Human run away screaming. Fido turn pointy stick into brush, and Fido write story on rock.

It was so disappointing when Spielberg went in and replaced all the spears with paintbrushes in the rerelease…

(actually, I am completely doing that next time I teach about Lascaux to my elementary students!- heh)

Really cool design!

still more believable than evolution!

Because they look so cuddly & adorable otherwise.

He needs the spear to show that he is a killer.

At first I thought the elephant was painting a picture of an elephant painting a picture of a human.

I can’t draw.
Will someone please do a Downton Abbey Road mash-up with the characters (do NOT forget Maggie Smith)crossing? Please. :slight_smile:

Obvious troll bait is obvious.

hahaha awesome!

Thanks y’all!

And I love the write up! Maybe if that cloning project ever happens (not holding my breath), a mammoth might just get a revenge opportunity :wink: