Mammoth Trees


Unfortunately, both trees and mammoths can be wiped out by an ice age.

its legs are as big as tree trunks… oh wait…

It’s not an elm! It’s a pachyderm!

Great illustration Sven, and congrats. :slight_smile:

How many trunks do you see?

I can never look at mammoths the same way after seeing The Thaw…-shiver shiver-

My fixation with prehistoric microbe movies aside, this is -amazing- art. I really admire people who can do such fine detail work. Everytime I try I end up with chunks of pixels and cramped hands, hahaha.

Lovely work.

Gorgeous, Sven! I always love to see a good a.mar.illo design get printed, and this is no exception!

I’m a fan of the grass tees. It’s a very underrated shirt color, in my opinion.

Dude, if you look at it JUST right, the trees turn into a 3-d trooly mammoth, the rarest of all.

stunning as usual. Easily the best of the week, but you expect as much from an a.mar.illo

Sven, this is absolutely stunning!

Want so bad… Mammoth love reaching intense nerdery levels… MUST SAVE MONEY FOR PHYSICS DERBY RESULTS… :frowning:

They are fantastic for hiding alien blood.

Each of those trees reminds me of Coneheads, especially the front one.

cool design and great color but i’m not really a fan of the gigantor designs
IMO they look kind of cheesy when they take up the entire front of the shirt

A whisper of forgotten beauty…

(elsewhere I’m ranting so here I’ll try poetical)

Eons ago, mammoths like these roamed the earth
…and then man discovered fire.

I see that pterodactyl in the background. Is it a regular pterodactyl, or is it made from trees too, as that’d be impressive.

these Mammoths must require “hUUUUge Tracts of Land?!”