Mammoth Trees

You will regret not getting this when you realize the physics derby is almost devoid of win-worthy designs.

Nice trucks!

This is awesome! Nice art, Sven :slight_smile:

What do you get when you cross an Ent with an Elephant? An ENTEPHANT!

I think it’s the palentology geek in me that’s loving the hell out of this. May well have to purchase, despite the obnoxious new tax for NY residents …

Amazing illustration.

Those are some Hugh Jazz trees!!!

Haters gonna hate – I am totally willing to pay money (that I get by, like, working) for any of the three solar system/physirobots tees.

I know… but I want the mammoth that I buy… to have a certain special… something

I’d break into song, but I fear someone’s about to stop me.

If it were me, I’d have gone with “Leafy Mammoths” as a title, but whatevs.

yay 4 flesh eating mammoth lice!

So the first time I looked at this shirt, I literally couldn’t see the forest for the trees. You know, the mammoth-shaped forest. But I got there eventually.

I can’t help but think about Lord of the Rings and the Giant Oliphants.

“Eletree and Ivory” was the best you could come up with? How about:

Mammuthus Deciduous

That pachyderm looks petrified.

Very nicely done. It’s a strange mix of concepts but I like a lot. Cheers.

This is a great design! I’ve nothing witty to say… just sharin’ my appreciation for the artist. Good work!

They are one match away from flaming-woolly-leafy-mammoth-trees. And that’s just a few ninja mammoth riders away from the greatest thing ever. The shirt wouldn’t look any different, of course, because you can’t see ninjas. Even when they’re on fire.

Ah it’s an a.mar.illo design. Well that explains the awesomeness.

We may be able to study the pertrified stumps of the ancient sequoias but we can only guess at their true shapes. I like this hypothesis! (And the pterodactyls.)

I can’t help but think of broccoli when I look at this one…

Y’know, I really hate to ruin this for you guys, but a cool little TCG beat you to this design about ten years ago:

For perspective, a non-giant version:

Have fun with those!