woot chose a good shirt to launch 3xl

now hopefully all the fatty-bo-batties will shut up

Hahahahahaha thats silly ;-). But thanks woot, finally a geek shirt… I might buy it if i’m tempted. It seems a bit much honestly… a lil over the top… but meh…

woohoo 3xl

i like it. but i dunno that id wear it. cool that they expanded the size range.

i need an XS for my little bro.

Who on earth would put this on?

Heh, this is pretty funny. It reminds me of those action figures of characters like a librarian, Freud, Cleopatra, etc. The librarian has ‘real shushing action’! This shirt design would make a pretty excellent addition to those action figures.

wow… i cant believe this is what i waited all day for woot has been letting me down lately… im hurt

A good shirt for a Con. In for one.

**Everyone ** is HAPPY now.

I love his bag labeled with “L0L” just rocks


way to cave to the “powerful” obese lobby, woot…

pretty funny… wouldn’t wear it though

That’s just a weird shirt. I was sketched out by the title (think NAMBLA), and the design itself lacks cleverness or subtlety. Woot! shirts are generally good for non-mainstream sarcastic humor or the like, but I’ll definitely be passing on this one.

haha, cashing in on american obesity…woohoo!

And the tall people. Sizeist.

not obese just prefer my shirts loose

what?! No XXS? What about us small asses, eh?

Kidding, kidding…