Man Cave Pop Off Bottle Opener

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Man Cave Pop Off Bottle Opener
$6.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Heck Yea! I picked up three, I have to figure out which two buddies get the other ones.

Real men don’t need bottle openers.

I bought one of these last woot off. It comes in handy and looks super neat. I keep it on my desk as a “paper weight” so that no one gets suspicious.

The manufacturer is Man Cave, they make a bunch of other neat guy focused items.

Especially when drinking Shiner Bock (see second pic)… it’s twist-off!

How gay are you people gonna look pulling this outta your pocket HaHaHaHaHa

Old News:

I have a feeling that these, like the old Homer Simpson ones, are destined to wind up in copious numbers of BOCs.

Do ‘real men’ need bottle openers? I thought that we were supposed to twist 'em off, failing that, prying them loose with our teeth. And at last resort, use our car keys. :wink:

Using a regular bottle opener that I got at the dollar store became increasingly difficult as I continued to ingest alcoholic beverages. This man cave thingy really helps me put away more beers in my drunken stupor without injuring myself with that regular opener.

Agree. A lighter, knife, or hard surface is all you need.

bought one of these during the last woot, pretty awesome

Stop mocking me, Woot! I are so /sad no Shiner Bock in Pennsylvania.

I brew my own so when I bottle there are no twisties. I went to a keggerator system but hauling it to parties is a pain. I brew 10 gallons at a time now so I can bottle half and keg half.

And no I don’t have a drinking problem, I’m darn good at it.

Amen :)Pop, smack, pop, drink, drunk

I use my Aggie ring.

if you can’t figure out how to open them without using your teeth then theres something wrong with you.

I had one of these with a different brand name on it. Worked crappy and broke after a short while. Would not recommend it.

When you buy a new car or pick-em-up truck, you should bring along a six-pack so you can make sure the door latch works as a bottle opener.