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Oh, I couldn’t find this detail in the Woot write-up… but handy to know…
…“Fill it at any brewery, growler filling station, or with any beverage you choose…”

Probably not a good purchase for MA Residents due to restrictive growler filling laws.

To what detail are you referring?

So where do you get the beer from?

Just do a google search for “growlers near me”

Maryland either. MY state requires cleaning instructions on all growlers, restaurants can refuse to fill them without such info.

Is that a problem in mainland Maryland? We have 3 crafters here in Salisbury, plus several bottle shops with growler stations, and all but the one brewery with skunky beer will fill any growler.

Lots of 1 star reviews here:

Really want something like this, but I’m out

Wow I’m glad I checked the reviews. I was ready to get this for music festivals where no glass is permitted. Some of the Amazon reviews said you could build this yourself for less, less then the Amazon price anyway. Primary issue seems to be the CO2 assembly/regulator breaking easy which is pretty likely walking down a grassy hill at the end of the night :slight_smile:

Unless you’re a cheap drunk, growlers are bad for beer. Oxygen is a beer killer, so unless you can exclude it in the pour, your beer is going to suck in a day.

Google “Growltap” and go to their web site. They are ~$45. The difference being you can use your own growler. I bought one and it’s been pretty reliable.

As long as you fill your growler slowly from the bottom and cap on foam, you’ll be fine.I have a uKeg, same concept as this, and I’ve had beers last a week in it. A few of the places that I go to even purge my growler with co2 before filling. These are closed systems. Once it’s filled and charged, oxygen isn’t getting in.

Excellent point, I was about to say something similar. I’d advise everyone to check their local state’s beer laws before buying this. Residents of Nebraska will find that state alcohol regulations require that breweries only fill bottles/growlers that have their own (approved) label on them. As a result, you cannot fill any personal growlers at breweries unless the growler was purchased from that brewery.

Found out about this after buying a nice insulated growler that I now can’t use.

Anyone know if this can be used to carbonate home brew?

You could build the same configuration on a 2.5 gallon keg for the same price, if not less. That’s 150% more to drink!

If your homebrew is already carbonated than yes!

But the little bullet C02 is not powerful enough to carbonate homebrew. They can only dispense the beer.

Well, since this has a CO2 source, you can just pull the pressure relief tab to purge the oxygen after you cap it.
But, this price is still high because you can purchase all of these components off the shelf for about half the cost.

It absolutely can be used to carb homebrew or any other beer that has lost it carb.

I personally own 3 of this type of growler and love them. The standard ball lock on top will allow you to connect to any co2 and tap system. Unfortunately most of the comments above are seem to be from people that are misinformed about beer.