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ManCan Universe - Your Choice
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Any specs on the CO2 cartridges? They look like CO2 you’d find as airgun supplies, but I wouldn’t want to have to pay an inflated price for a specialty item. See their web page:

I like the idea and things shiny but,

Harder to do a keg stand with a bottle or can.

Costs as much as 144 bottles or cans of beer for just a beverage holder

Refilling is not convenient

Requires maintenance and on-going costs to use

Fridge storage - easier to store bottles or cans to fit free space and chill only the quantity I expect to drink

Still requires drink ware, unless you drink from the tap

Too small for the “keg” crowd as that group would drain this in 2 min.

Too small for the 12-pack personal drinker. Requires constant effort.

The “coolness” factor will wear off and this will be stored next to your quesadilla maker in less than a month.

Looks like threaded CO2 cartridges. There’s such thing as “food grade” CO2.

It lacks a very fundamental thing for bringing beer with you,insulation to keep your beer cold.

I don’t know any local brewery that would fill this for me. In my state & several others that I know of, a brewery can only fill their own growlers or containers. You could fill the brewery bottle & pour it into this in your car or when you get home, but you couldn’t fill it directly.
Also the threaded CO2 cartridges aren’t readily available for me, I have a travel pressure device for my kegs & it uses standard cartridges I can pick up at Wal-Mart.
I can also pick up 3 gallon kegs for about $100 & they have a nice big hole that makes it easy to clean. Add in a pressure thing & picnic tap for about $30 & I’m looking at a complete system for about the same price, but 3 times the beer.

Check your local regulations. It is illegal to fill 128 Oz growlers in some states…

You can use commonly available CO2 cartridges, non-threaded, 16g.

BUT… know this… the CO2 cartridge assembly will leak. If you think this is going to sit in the frig idle for a week, your cartridge will be empty, so CO2 is going to get expensive, and you’d be better off stocking up on your fave microbrews in bottles. Besides leakage, CO2 will be absorbed by the beer itself, making it more carbonated (slightly), eating up those precious expensive cartridges.

In fact, this entire assembly is expensive. I can easily get 5 gal cornys for a hundred bucks. That aside, CO2 consumption is a major downer.

A neat idea on paper, but in practice, not so.

As a homebrewer I could find this very useful but the price is a little too high for my taste.

As for “food grade CO2” the guys who fill my tank say the only difference is a sticker. They pay a regulator to put a sticker on their equipment to say it’s safe but the regulations aren’t any different than “regular” CO2. Of course this is some random guy on the internet telling you this so do what you feel is safe.

Another homebrewer here… Another sigh… First it was the PicoBrew station, which takes away all science behind brewing…now this stupid thing.

128oz? That won’t fit right in any fridge at home, nor could you actually bring it to any establishment. Walking in to a party with thing, and a required glass, will only make you look a complete dummy.

Plus, where is it filled? You can not just pour pre-canned or pre-bottled beer into this thing. And if it doesn’t have a properly set regulator, the beer will either go flat, or get over-carbed.

Looks nearly impossible to clean properly.

A. If you think drinking beer out if cans is slumming it…You’re not drinking good beer.

B. So many other choices:

It’s easier to clean than a corney keg. With the cap off it’s just a big bottle and a brush will do fine. Or you could just use powered brewer wash.

The beverage line is attached to the cap and it’s easier to clean than the drip line on a keg. The posts and faucet can be easily taken apart with a socket wrench or faucet wrench so completely clean them out.

For most people, a regular growler might make more sense. But the version without the faucet is nice as it will work with a real kegerator. So you can have a beer from your local brewery on tap.

If you do your own kegging this is also a cool looking way to bring ~10 beers with you for friends to try. The 2.5 gal kegs will hold more, but sometimes you don’t need that much.

Or for that matter, walk up to any soda distributer and pick up a 5gl soda keg that they have taken out of service for around $20 and you have a 5gl keg, with a wide opening for easy cleaning and all of the connection these have to dispense the beer. All of the home brew catalogues will have all of the parts and pieces you need.

I’ve got one of these. I’ve a mancan version, and one that I’ve assembled myself from bits 'n pieces. Very easy to clean, particularly the machismo tap. In my state, 64 Oz is the max growler size, but I’ve never had a problem just asking for two 64oz receipts for one 128oz fill. No bartender near me is enough of a dickweed to give me crap about that. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t fill a 5gal minikeg though. And if you do want to stick to the rules, they make 64oz versions that fit the system. The mancan version has some extremely nicely finished machining. Compared to the bits I’ve assembled myself, it’s definitely a well-finished set of hardware. Nearly identical, and I’m perfectly happy with either, but the mancan version is, IMO, worth the slight premium for its excellent fit/finish. I can do without the branding, but whatever.

I can’t stress enough the benefit of backfilling the vacant space with CO2…not only does it help maintain carbonation, it helps avoid air contact that makes the beer go stale fast.

Fits easily in my fridge w/o the tap on it, and I put it in on its side when it’s sporting a tap. I’ve both the machismo style tap and the flex tap.

I also sprung for the high pressure charger so I can force-charge additional co2 carbonation to keep the beer from going flat. It’s a well thought out system. Way more thoughtful than a growler. Sits in a tub of ice-water when I have it out. Everyone loves it. Next project for it is homemade ginger beer.

You do need to use threadless Food-safe CO2 cartridges. Bought those in bulk, but will probably switch to a full-on mini co2 tank when I have it at home. That’s the beauty of this system, is that it’s built on well-adopted standards, and you can adapt this to several configurations.

Edit: Just grabbed a couple pints of heavy seas porter from my mancan w/ pizza for dinner. Bought this growler fill a week ago, and it’s just like it’s just out of the tap. Imma grag one for my bro-in-law.

Btw, filling this thing is pretty easy for me, as the total wine down the street does growler fills till the cows come home, and they’ve always got a selection of local brews on tap. Then there’s also heavy seas, and dogfishhead who run local brewpubs, and a bunch of even smaller brewpubs, and local brewers. For a guy who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about home brew…this is a perfect setup.

My CO2 does not leak…I’ve been able to do at least three growler fills on a single charge. On my high pressure charger, I do teflon tape the screw-on cartridge. But on the mancan regulator, it’s just twist and go…and will deliver pressure for quite a few fills. I bought extra cartridges (threaded for my pressure charger…threadless for my mancan branded regulator). But have yet to break into the collection of cartridges.

Too bad I’m not a man - would’ve gotten this. Bad marketing. Sexism right on the front!