ManCan Universe - Your Choice

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ManCan Universe - Your Choice
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Where exactly does the BEER come from. Lots of details about what it does, but not one freeking word about how its actually hooks up to some beer to pump. This is very un-woot like.

It’s a growler. You fill it at your local pub.

Is it cheaper to fill up at the pub?

Please make sure you purchase food grade CO2 cartridges when you run out of the ones included. Do not goto Walmart/Target/etc and buy the cartridges that go in bb guns.

Thanks Chris.
Can you tell us where to get food grade co2 cartridge? Today I was looking for threaded cartridges for my aquatic plant set up and came up with nothing but BB gun or paintball gun co2.

I’ve been able to find my last few batches on Amazon. Though I would assume most homebrew beer places would sell them as well. I’ve been home brewing beer for close to 10 years and I have a setup similar to this that I built around a 5 gallon Coleman cooler. Tempting to buy one of these lol.

This is seriously the douchebaggiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

How do these do for soda? I like making my own soda, but carbonating is the PITA part, especially since Sodastream has proprietary nozzles.

It’s a great idea for enjoying brewery fresh beer without having to finish the entire growler quickly.

The name however is indeed douchebaggy to the extreme.

Excellent price. It is actually 128oz so it holds 2 growlers worth of beer. A growler will only last about a week when filled right. You have to drink it all once you start drinking it. This will keep beer fresh much longer and you won’t have to drink it all at one time. It isn’t going to save you money having your local brewery filling it though. But, draft beer is usually somuch better. Looks a bit tall to fit in the fridge though.

So go too your local brewery or restaurant that makes its own beer, which there are now many. You can pick up a growler, usually 2 different sizes. Pay a price then and go home and drink and enjoy. Then return to that same brewery and refill for a lesser price. It a repetitive process like swinging a bat or brushing your teeth. Or purchase beer and growlers and make your own, I have done this a few times I mean purchase the beer and then used the growlers too house my own beer. Coopers diy beer kit has been berry berry good to me. Forty bucks gets me 6 gallons. I know that does not seem like a lot but it gets me by. Chill, open, enjoy…repeat.

If this is truly the case, you can consider yourself extremely fortunate.

these things are indeed good for force carbonation your own soda, making root beers, ginger beers. but you will need a different regulator designed to hit higher pressurization. And you should be careful to de-pressurize your beer/soda in the can manually to lower pressures before connecting this serving regulator or you can damage this serving regulator.

The most valuable thing about this is the fact that it backfills the space in your growler with co2, keeping it from going stale. I’ve had beer in my fridge for 2 weeks W/ great flavor.

This price rocks. Piecing together components and can get you the same functionality, but not with the same build quality & material specs. I’ve the mancan and some knockoff pieces, and I have to say the mancan specs are super nice. At this price, IMO kluging together no-name parts will be pricier. You can gain the benefit of a force- pressuurizing regulator, but that’s about it.

The Machismo looks like a super deal as far in relation to other prices out there. It’s called the Party Kit on their website but it is the same thing on sale for $199. The flex kit, called the Picnic on the website is on sale for $99 but you pay the ship.
ManCan sells cartridges, easily found on ebay as well. It uses non threaded.
This was a popular Kickstarter project.

I was thinking about my local micro breweries that also have root-beer. No need to add carbonation, but you wouldn’t want to loose it. I doubt I’d want to have to find other parts, like a regulator or whatever.

PS: the website has CO2 and stuff:
If the URL doesnt work, google mancan beer

This is meant to keep the beer fresh longer. You can do as you described, but once you open a growler, the beer only stays “good” for a day or so.

Compared to the mothership, this is a very good price.

I’ve been a owner since this was on kickstarter. It’s a great product. I use it for my homebrew and when I make it out to the local brewpubs. The pressure regulator is what really makes this shine. It isn’t like other CO2 systems where it just blasts the gas in, it’s a real pressure regulator. They went through several designs to get that right. Every upgrade was free.