ManCan Universe - Your Choice

How exactly are you to fill this? Pop open a12 pack?

At the end of a party you collect all the unfinished beers into this for the next party… the built-in carbonation completely solves the problem of half to three-quarter empty beers … what a great way to save money!

Breweries, just as you would a growler. The CO2 from the cartridge should help keep the beer longer than a growler.
Home brews, can easily be adapted to hook up to a CO2 tank for force carbing.

Previous sales and comments here:

I bought one for an early Father’s Day gift to myself last time it was posted on Woot. So far I’m extremely happy. The growler jug concept did not work well for me unless I had a gathering of other craft beer lovers because once a growler is opened the beer quickly goes flat. With the ManCan I can fill it with my favorite high gravity draft from my local brewpub, and then dispense as much or as little as I want, and the beer stays fresh in the meantime. I filled it 10 days ago with a Belgian trippel, and tapped about 6 oz last night for dinner. Delicious. The CO2 cartridge works well in keeping the beer carbonized. The components seem to be of high quality.

Lots of places will only fill their own growlers, and wont let you bring your own, would be good to check with local places first to see if they would fill this.

You could just use theirs then pour it into this, but that would get annoying to me.

sexist much? for that reason alone I’d pass!

The woMan Can comes it this fall aaaannnndddd it’s got boxed wine!

Carbonated. Carbonized would be charcoal coated.

I stand corrected.