ManCan Universe - Your Choice

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ManCan Universe - Your Choice
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Just as an fyi: check local laws about filling the growlers; many areas limit take out to 64oz or less (if allowing any at all!)

A 12 pack fits in my fridge as well, and holds more beer.

Cans are a good choice however a lot of great local brews are not available in cans so a growler is the only way to get your hands on it at home. Looks like a good deal but I am curious if it takes a regular co2 cartridge or if it needs a special one only sold by ManCan?

16 gram unthreaded cartridges, You can find them on Amazon.

2 liters in NC… Thanks for the post, I was really considering wooting.

This would be best for a home brewer I would think. Great way to take a gallon of your home brew to a gathering. Don’t really see the point of filling two growlers at the local brewery then dumping them in to this if local laws prevents them from filling a gallon container.

In CA you can’t have peronal growlers filled at any brewery unless you purchased the growler from the brewery and it has their brewery label on it. You used to be able to get a plain growler filled and the brewery would slap a sticker on it but that isn’t legal any longer. Half gallon is the largest they will fill.

Does anyone know if there is enough pressure in there to carbonate the beer?

From a home-brew perspective - these would be nice as mini-kegs, assuming the beer does not require conditioning.

Laws relaxed a bit in CA a few years back. You can legally get a personal/blank/generic growler filled at the brewery as long as:

  1. Other brewery’s logos are removed or covered.

  2. Is of standard volume that the brewery is licensed to fill (typically 32/64oz, 1L & 2L, and sometimes 128oz)

  3. Sealable and is marked with the vol and gov’t alcohol warning.

A brewery still has the right to refuse to fill personal growlers though. Some don’t fill because they don’t want to deal with the hassle of different shapes and styles of growlers. Others don’t trust the cleanliness of them. Some just claim ignorance of the new laws.

I’ve been to 12 CA breweries so far this year and only 1 has refused to fill my personal growler. Buy one, it’s a great way to bring home good local beer!

They changed the law in 2014 (AB 647) so that a brewer can (but does not have to) refill a growler from any other brewer or a generic unlabeled growler. If you use a labeled growler, the old label must be obscured in some way and the new brewer puts a tag or label of some kind on it.

Beat me to it!

This is a bit outdated. In California a beer manufacturer (not a retailer) can fill a growler of any size if (1) all non-related brands are obscured and (2) an ABC-approved label is fixed to it.

There is a lot of red tape in the background, including monthly reporting and quarterly paperwork (or more if you are constantly rotating taps, since each label needs an OK from the state). Also some breweries won’t want to handle third party growlers especially if volume is already steady; they may not want to spend money on opaque saran wrap, or kill a keg with only ten 1-gal fills because that has a labor and service impact. So policies at each venue may differ. But the restrictions from Sacramento are low today.

I don’t think you’d get enough pressure from just those cartridges to force carbonate beer from flat.

You could add sugar to the keg to naturally carbonate (as you would with bottles) and then use the CO2 cartridges to maintain pressure when serving.

The posts on this also look like standard corny keg ball-lock posts, so if you have an existing CO2 system, I suspect you’d be able to hook this up to carbonate.

Wonder if this could be used to store / serve cold brew coffee?

Dont see why not… the co2 will still push the liquid through

I dont see any use for this thing especially not at the 100 price point. All of these stupid rules wont let you fill it anyway.

I have made my own beer in the past but im certianly not gonna drop a hundred bucks ao i can bring a gallon of it to my buddies.

As long as it food grade co2 it does not matter!

I want to buy this so bad but tomorrow is payday.