ManCan Universe - Your Choice

That might just be a city or county thing because my friends and I regularly fill our yeti growlers, and I’ve seen dozens of other types being filled here in ca.

I purchased the Machismo version in May and love it so far. We have a great local brew pub that has 14-18 different beers on tap but they are not available in bottles or cans. I particularly enjoy Belgian ales, but often I don’t want to drink a whole bottle of high gravity brew. With my ManCan I just pour 4-5 oz if that’s all I want, so no wasting expensive quality brew. I keep it in a mini-fridge. I poured a glass yesterday from a batch that I purchased 3 weeks ago, and it was still as fresh as the first day.

I got one of these and its perfect for conditioning in. It comes with a solid cap that you can screw on during conditioning, and switch the top when its time to tap it.

It is highly recommended to avoid CO2 when distributing cold brew coffee.

CO2 will go into solution, form carbonic acid, and create unpleasant flavors in the coffee. Reportedly this happens quickly, within the first few days. Inert gases, particularly nitrogen, are recommended. For these gases you would need to find a different regulator specifically for nitrogen & matching nitrogen cartridges or tanks.

If you did that and switched your gas from CO2 to nitrogen, the rest of this setup would work ok! If your regulator mandated a higher pressure or you wanted one for that nitro “head” of creamy foam on top, you would also want to replace the faucet with a “stout faucet” containing a restrictor plate designed to restrict the higher pressure flow.

Got one, mine arrived today, the CO2 regulator button defective , will not switch on and allow C)@ flow. Waited 2 weeks and , fudge , if it aint a bomb deal. They are “trying to see if they can get a replacement”