Mandala Season

That’s one heck of a cold the poor fella has there.

Take THAT, Paisley!

How do you spell that German word that means “bless you”?

I’m a bit surprised by this one. Sometimes mono-color shirts don’t get as much attention as their multi-colored counterparts in the derbies.

That’s just a testament to FlyingMouse365’s design-- nice work!

Quality design/shirt, in for 1! woot shirts rocks my elephant world

such a cute design, very happy this one is getting printed. :slight_smile:

C’mon, woot. We needs our artist bios.

Steps to learn about Flying Mouse 365 without being a creepy stalker:

  1. Utilize hi-tech Google technology by typing “Flying Mouse 365” into Google.

  2. Click the first link.

  3. Click the “about” link on the header of that website.

Now I have Mancini’s “Baby Elephant Walk” in my head.

Well said. Very glad to see this one print.

this shirt could also be used for a Pachystan theme.

I resisted buying the last one, but this one is just too amazing to pass it up.

Awww, adorable little guy, he looks like one of those porcelain figures…except that he’s spraying stuff at us :D.

Great work, FM! I have a few of your shirts from your 365 project ^^.

It looks like he’s spitting out horseshoes. How adorable! Did he make a guest appearance in Dumbo? ^^

This design really captures the India theme well. The only way to make it more authentic would be to purchase it in Indian rupees.

subdued but cute (bonus: intricacy) Side prints seem to be the win

Good lord, Dumbo. The single most traumatizing movie of all-time.

This scene is possibly the most cruel thing ever in the history of ever.

I’m gonna go cry now.

Looks like somebody rubbed his tummy and a genie is coming out.

Yes! This is the one I wanted to get:D Big congrats and yay!

That’s true, they often don’t. I wish they did though, because I often find designs with less colors easier to wear.

Forget poster prints, can we get this printed on a handkerchief in keeping with the design? I guess I’ve seen people use their shirt to wipe their nose. Other people…not me.