Mandala Season

is it blowing harps Urdu you think they look like serpents?

So am I seeing things or are there now ads on the blow up of the shirt…??? That is so FRAKing Crazy. SUCH a SELLOUT!! SO BAD!!! Probably won’t get a “quality” post for this one. Man that just SUX! !!!

No idea what you’re talking about. If I click on the shirt, I see a close up of the design. Can you be more specific?

Some facts that the writers missed:

Indian Elephants are one of four subspecies of Asian Elephants (Elephas maximus). The others are Sumatran Elephants, Sri Lankan Elephants and Borneo Elephants.

A change made to the Wildlife Protection Act in 1977 made Mela shikar, the traditional method of capturing elephants, illegal.

Somehow this democratically-elected shirt manages to celebrate two great cultures. You see, this elephant’s name is Nelson, and those are Nelson’s Mandalas.

Little known fact: Indian elephants have mad skills when it comes to catching dozens of falling necklaces with their trunks!

it’s an imposter. A South African elephant posing as an Indian.

That’s the strangest hooka that I’ve ever seen.

I think this elephant is cheating. He’s using one of those Play-Do shape nozzles up in that trunk.

Oh well, at least he’s using it in his nose…and not anywhere else. :stuck_out_tongue:

This shirt makes me feel strange… I think I will go and vote Republican now.

The Bank of America Ad bleeds through the graphics, no matter where I position my window, the ad partially covers the closeup. No one else is having this problem eh? I just refreshed and if I click on the shirt before the ad for BOA loads (split second) I get a new window with a clean blowup, but to just click on it after the ad loads the ad overrides the image.

I’m not having that problem.

You might clear your cache/temps and close down your browser. Also see if you have any add-ons that are interfering.

Sometimes I seriouly consider having a crush on who ever writes this shit.

sooo cute!! I’m loving the subtlety of the colors :slight_smile: and the design on his back reminds me of those little elephant statue thingies that could be mistaken for chairs (or they might be chairs, I really don’t remember ><). but where’s his tail? D:

OMG! Thanks for all the vote and to everyone who love this shirt, this is make my day :smiley:

@bassanimation. Thanks for your support :smiley:

I, too, I have had that problem, however it only happens when surfing the site from my smartphone. I have always be attributed it to a fluke, and not some nefarious programming on woot’s part. (it is, however, a problem, so I can sympathize with mister joebeimon’s frustration)

In for one bank of america --errr ELEPHANT shirt!

freaking great design! thanks for making this

Is it just me, or is the ink color pretty different than the one used for display in the derby? It looks like a much brighter brown now. Did the artist not use a pantone color and need the color converted or something?

Anyway, congrats, I’m quite happy to see this one take second!

When I click on it, it takes me to another page with just the blown up picture on it. THIS IS MADNESS!!!

Also, congrats to the artist.