Mandolina Italian Quartet

Mandolina Italian Quartet
$39.99 + $7 s/h
condition: Bellissimo
1 Mandolina 2002 Toccata
1 Mandolina 2002 Nebbiolo
1 Mandolina 2005 Sangiovese (link is to the 2004)
1 Mandolina 2006 Pinot Grigio

(hyperlinks to winery’s site)

I’ll be all over this before the week is out (assuming the winemaker doesn’t talk me out of it).

For those who don’t know Nebbiolo, Wikipedia can edumekayt joo. – One of Piedmont’s most respected vine and donor for Barolo & Barbaresco (though for ~$10/bottle I don’t expect this to resemble one). Don’t fear the 2002 on this one.

Not much in CellarTracker, but here’s the link to thewinemaker

Ditto x 2

Yeah, this was good. I’m all for Italian style wines.

Mandolina Winery is on the web. Their sales are done through Lucas and Lewellen.

Ooh! and I’ll be famous all of this week.

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Odd, I just checked woot, t-shirt woot, and now wine.woot. Then thought to myself…wait a minute…I don’t drink…Curse you w00t and your habit-forming marketing!

WD, this is an INSANE deal. If I don’t buy, it’s for the wholly unrelated reason of being out of the country for the month and having nobody to pick up my wine, and spending my money on wines in Israel and Hungary.

I’m sure there will be plenty of bitching in the comments, but I wanted to make sure somebody thanked you first!

In general, is it safe to assume that all the wine woots will be California wines?

Nope, wine.woot offerings come from all over the place.

…although now that I think about it, it does seem like a lot are from Cali.

They are all from the US though, and so far have been limited to CA, WA, and OR.

This a great selection and great deal I’ll be interested in hearing from the winemaker as to the drinking windows of these wines.

I was in for 1 even though I’m not a pinot grigio fan. There are some foods that it complements very well, I just can’t drink the stuff by itself. The reds sound delicious!

Were these wines on here a few months ago? The description sounds familiar… especially the part on the Pinot Grigio.

actually, woot only offers wines from california, washington and oregon.

I’m in for 2!

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Not all over the place. California, Oregon and Washngton only. So far, anyway.

I don’t like hearing all this talk about buying the shirts a size up…

I just bought my girlfriend that controller shirt in her size! Even if I knew what I know now at the time of purchase, I STILL couldn’t get her a shirt in 1 size larger than she wears- she would hate me!

From the winery’s site (with their current Retail pricing):
1 Mandolina 2002 Toccata – $20
1 Mandolina 2002 Nebbiolo – $24
1 Mandolina 2005 Sangiovese (link is to the 2004) – $18
1 Mandolina 2006 Pinot Grigio – $14

$76 of wine for $40? Someone else can go google around and find ‘internet’ pricing. I gotta get some sleep for an 8AM meeting tomorrow!

okay weird. i was trying to reply to Corrodo’s post… but now its gone o_O.

I’m going black box from My gf loves the shirts they’ve had so far (all 2 of them) and AA is one of the best casual shirts out there. If only i didn’t spend all my money at the Nordstrom’s Pre Sale last week on T shirts…

And you know i’ve never tried the first two types. I figure the meritage style wine is pretty reminiscent of Super Tuscans like you said. I’ve had all one Super Tuscan in my life at a wine-tasting so i can’t exactly give any opinion. That’s about my extent of Italian wines.

I have some Chianti in my wine fridge but i’ve never consumed it. Hopefully someone can give some insight on Chianti and Chianti Classico. I didn’t even know too many California Wineries did Italian style wines shoot. I may order some in the coming week just to try it… gonna do some research first!

just tell her not to dry it. I just bought my GF a S one at the store, she says it fits snug and the people that work there say its meant to be worn “fitted” and it will shrink when dried.

Thanks for the heads up- will do.