Mandolina Italian Varietal Case with Wooden Wine Rack

Curse Kentucky! Despite being a poor grad student, I might have actually lay down a bit of dough for this. Even though its a simple design, I really like the wine rack.

Nice mix and a case of wine to boot!!! Is this the first time a case was offered? Cool!!! Nice varietals being offered.

Don’t need the rack and spent too much in the last two weeks. Have to catch my breath and wait for my favorites.

$160, $15/wine, with a 12 bottle rack thrown in. Why am I still thinking about this one? Even the wife would like the rose wine (sorry, don’t know how to get that umlaut thingy over the ‘e’).

Everyboy trying to join the wine century club, this offering will get you a long way down that road. And for me, I’m drooling over so many 100% variatals.

In for 1 or 2? Hmmm.


Option + e at the same time, then hit the vowel on which you want the acute accent.

Note - that’s not a White Zin, so if that’s what your wife considers rosé, she’ll be disappointed.

24 would be better :wink:

a broken computer has me posting from my pantech duo via skyfire

Would this be the same rack or brand of rack offered before?

i might just drive out in this Greensboro weather to make a deposit…

I really don’t like when they do “throw-ins” like the wine rack. It leads me to believe that this is not as good of a deal.

It feels like an infomercial that includes a handy book light with a certain bed sheet that you wear as a robe.

Anyway, I have no problem spending $150 for 2 incredible bottles of wine. I am just not interested in getting 12 average wines. I am also a little surprised that their Reisling is not offered. Of course, from their web site, it looked to be one of their better wines. They must not be having trouble moving the Reisling.

Mandolina is one of L&L’s labels. Go to the front page of and see where it takes you. They also made they toothy and ehp.

Riesling is not an “Italian” varietal.

And you’re going to have a full rack, too.

People will comment on what a nice rack you have!

– T

I’m going to Italy later this year. Really tempted to buy this with some combined money from the wife. Someone convince me.

PS I’m just-out-of-college poor.

The wine century club? Is that like the mile high club? Or does it mean 100 bottles in cellar? Hell, either way, I think I’m gonna have to be in. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Mandolina and have actively sought out Lucas and Lewellyn… Rawr. Good wine, good price, and a rack that’ll fall over in the next earthquake. What’s not to like?!

Not all roses are crap like White Zin. I’d really recommend trying a rose from a half-decent US producer or from this little country in Europe called France. Tavel is a great starting point; the entire appellation by law produces only DRY roses. There’s a big difference between semi-sweet pink wines and real roses.

well I’m in. you wooters sold me on this one.

I might pull the trigger on this. I have no wine, but always check W.W for something to push me over the edge. What do you guys think?

Background research. It’s like buying an exclusive textbook, only better tasting.

– T

And it’s the same price as ONE textbook. grumblegrumble*

No, but it is their label and on their site. I skimmed through the descrpition and missed the “Italian” varietal theme. I understand there was “theme” going. I’m just saying that it appeared by the description to be one of their more popular wines. It’s neither here nor there. I am sure for those of you who enjoy the Mandolina line or want to buy in bulk, it is a good deal. I’m just not excited that I stayed up for this. See ya all Thursday!

On a lighter note…A winerack is not good for someone like myself. My poor rack would be more of a recycle bin for empties.