Mandolina Vineyards Mixed 12 Pack

Mandolina Vineyards Mixed 12 Pack
$129.99 + $5 shipping
2 2008 Pinot Grigio
2 2004 Toccata Riserva
2 2005 Toccata Classico
2 2006 Nebbiolo
2 2007 Pinot Nero
2 2007 Sangiovese
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2/15/08 (woot-off)

I guessed correctly. I just missed the while, case deal.:tongue:

Kinda new here - Do you get a free bottle for guessing correctly?

Tah Dah! See … phoning it in!!! :tongue:

Used to be that you had a good chance to be a labrat for it (the Monday offer), but since the changes, pretty much just bragging rights.

I liked the first one. And love the Italian varietals, even in Cali. I’m in. And am I first sucker? crazy stuff. This is a good mix of New World styled wines, but don’t jump in if you don’t like Sangio; Sangio is either the wine, or the base of the wine, for a large percentage of these.

FIRST SUCKER:thrawn1020

I would consider buying this but id like to hear people’s personal experiences and tastings with any of the bottles in this woot-offering


Which of these wines were produced in the Santa Ynez Valley… I ask, because my Aunt lives in Santa Ynez, and when I visit her next I should like to take her to visit the vineyard…

The Mandolina case assortment I purchased here in March 2009 maade a much-appreciated Christmas gift for someone I valued.

You might consider this collection as a good holiday gift, perhaps pairing it with a modest wine rack. (The 2009 offering, while about $30 more expensive, came with a small rack, my sleepy self seems to recall.)

Haven’t had these vintages, but outside of the offerings, this was probably my favorite $10[ish]-bottle offering in the past. Solid daily drinkers, IMHO.

Wow - $268 for thevcase from the winery website + $35 shipping, for a retail total of $303. That’s a hell of a deal. Anyone tried these? Might be in for one for cheap party stock for the holidays…

Where is the link?

No link, just stuck them all in a basket on the winery website:

2 Mandolina 2008 Pinot Grigio $28.00
2 Mandolina 2006 Sangiovese $46.00
2 Mandolina 2007 Pinot Nero $46.00
2 Mandolina 2004 Toccata Riserva $64.00
2 Mandolina 2005 Toccata $36.00
2 Mandolina 2006 Nebbiolo $48.00
Subtotal $268.00
Shipping $35.00
12 Total $303.00

Ship appears to be the same for all zip codes, east and west coast.

Stay away! I got the Mandolina Quartet in 2007. The Nebbiolo was undrinkable. I sent a PM that never got answered. When Lucas & Lewellen Three pack was on sale in January, I posted to the board how disappointed I was with the Mandolina (which L&L makes).

The same thing. They talked a good game, told me to PM them, and they didn’t have the courtesy to reply. They ignored it again.

I have bought lots of wine from Woot. I have never complained.
The Mandolina was bad, and L & L never made good. I would buy with care from L & L.

OK so first off, a quick link about the nebbiolo grape - I think this sheds some light on some people who might have found it a bit unbalanced now - according to this they can require years of aging to come into balance (or perhaps a really long decant now?). Hopefully someone from Mandolina can show up here and confirm/explain?:wink:

Also: Some overall notes and reviews for Mandolina Note the 2003 Tocatta Reserva got stellar reviews…not sure how the newer vintage is?

Mandolina’s shown up a number of times and been generally quite well-received. (See, for example, the comments of our esteemed Corrado above). I do recall once there was a problem with ONE bottle. L & L was forthcoming and responsive and made good on it for a number of people who posted about it.

Not too late for you to try to bring your situation to their attention again, Mutts…likely they will be responsive as they were for others here.

I tried the last time. They told me to PM them, I did, and never got a response.

So try again. Or call them. I and other people who needed a bottle replaced got quick service. Given the passage of time, deal with the winery directly (though I find Woot customer service very good contrary to Woot’s own satirical depiction.) A phone call can’t get lost. Perhaps your electronic communications did in the past.

Thank you for the link, but I have to nail down one important point a little more closely. A rather excellent boule-throwing Wwinemaker known to all on this board says that ageing can’t balance a wine that was unbalanced to start with. Unbalanced being too little or too much acid, rather than the softness of the tannins.

What ageing might do is soften the tannins and bring out the fruit. But the acid balance will remain too much or too little in an unbalanced wine. The tannins may soften and let the fruit shine, but for it to do so the fruit had to be there in the first place!