Mandolina Vineyards Mixed 12 Pack

Mandolina Vineyards Mixed 12 Pack
$129.99 + $5 shipping
2 2008 Pinot Grigio
2 2004 Toccata Riserva
2 2005 Toccata Classico
2 2006 Nebbiolo
2 2007 Pinot Nero
2 2007 Sangiovese
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Previous offer:

Been waiting for this. Love the L@L wines. Please, how does this compare??

So want it, but so can’t find a spot for a whole new case of vino. Maybe a Nebbiolo-only offering soon?

I also would love a Nebbiolo-only offering! this pack is still very tempting, though…

price breakdown?

Compare to what?

I went in for one, and did so the last time, as well. All are solid daily drinkers. The Pinot Nero was the least exciting, but tastes similar to many pinot’s at this price point. I think they do a good job of getting a bit of the umani flavors in their wines, true to the italian style, while still being decidedly Californian.

got this last offering, for Christmas, love (and still loving) them…

did get this email from the winery, re: which to store, and which ready to drink…

I’ll be getting this, for sure again today.

Cheers! to me
show details 12/24/10
Hi Eric,

Glad you are looking forward to the wines! The toccata riserva would be a nice gift, also good for tonight. The sangio, pinot grigio or Toc
Class for tonight The Neb would be good to shelf a bit. Have a great christmas!

Compare to the Lucas and Lewellen brand. I know they are from the same winery, but is the quality the same? Sorry for the simple question. I am a wine newbie who got spoiled over the holidays drinking some very good L@L wines…

I’m in! Looks like a good deal on well received wines.


Gotcha - I haven’t had enough L&L to compare, unfortunately. I would hazard a guess that the wine making style is similar, and that the Mandolina brand uses Italian varietals.

Did not take much to convince me. In for one. Now need to go hide from the wife for awhile and turn off the computer!!

I loved the first offering. The toccata and the nebbilos were both very good. I don’t have detailed tasting notes, but remember these wines being less fruity/ripe than I had expected (good thing) and having a decent level of minerality. Good easy drinking wines, with a bit of character to keep things interesting.

I am in for another case.

Ordered Mandolina a number of times. Wouldn’t have reordered if I had been unhappy.

3/2/09 case offered a dozen different varietals (and a 12 unit wooden wine rack) for $160.

Anyone have idea on the discount this represents?

from last offering:

I’m near the end of the Costa Del Sol Sangiovese blend, which was well received by guests. How does this Toccata compare? Similar, or substantially different in fruitiness/tannins?

OK… so last week I ordered the Pellegrini case and yesterday got the Twisted Oak. Do I really need this or do I hold out for more wonderful woot! off offers? I think I have to be patient, bide my time and wait for the irresistable offering.

That would be prudent, but doesn’t adhere to woot’s business model. Buy them all. Resistance is futile.

love this wine, in for 1. Wish I could get more