Mandolina Vineyards Mixed Case

Mandolina Vineyards Mixed Case
$129.99 + $5 shipping

2 2008 Pinot Grigio
2 2004 Toccata Riserva
2 2005 Toccata Classico
2 2006 Nebbiolo
2 2007 Pinot Nero
2 2007 Sangiovese
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woot-off!? bad words.

I hope it’s just as food-heavy as the last one :smiley:

How’s the SIWBM going for you, TooOldForThis?


Woot Off!

Easy to pass on a non-Wellington case :slight_smile:

this is going to hurt

Really good! Just got my credit card bills.

Spare the servers -


I think this Mandolina might make you sing

Good for those who like Italian wines. I don’t think Wellington has had a lot of those here on woot.

thats not a woot off its the same price that it was regular not for me

Woot-Off? but I need to SLEEP! Someone wake me up when the Kronos pops up :smiley:

Yay a wine woot off, home of the real woot killers :smiley:

Au contraire, I love Italian wine. But I will not go in for a case from a winery I’ve only heard of and not tasted their wine.

Gotta sleep and gotta pass on the Mandolina. Sneaking cases into the cellar lately… gotta drink what I have versus hoarde up the grapes for a rainy day.

Cheers everyone, happy wooting!

Uh-oh, the flashing lights again. For some reason I have a feeling that the fate of my bonus check may have been sealed… =/

only rarely are wootoffs cheaper than the regular woots! You get some special wootoff-only products and some chances to get things you missed, and a few new things randomly!

I bought a Mandolina case when it was on here a year or two ago. Some of the bottles weren’t great, but I loved some of them. I think the 2004 Toccata Classico, a whatever year Sangiovese and a… Freisa, maybe, were my favorites.