Mandolina Woot-Off Four-Pack

I was shocked, but no NJ as usual lately…

Mandolina Woot-Off Four-Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Red & White
2 Mandolina 2006 Pinot Grigio
2 Mandolina 2003 Tocatta Classico

CT links later. Still haven’t had the PG from the first go-around. Tocatta’s decent.

having trouble as well-too busy?! purchased the mandolina before but haven’t opened the pg or tocatta (wasn’t that one an '02): what was the consensus on the pg and tocatta?

Indiana? No.

I liked the reds, didn’t so much like the Grigio. I think I’ll be passing on this one.

Has Mandolina Four-Pack been offered here before? Are there any reviews available? Just want to get a sense of what I would be buying if I clicked the buy button and it worked.

I thought it might have been because they didn’t have the Woot Off post yet, but they have the link on Woot, but the Buy Now button still does not work.


I don’t care how good it might be.

I’m not wasting any of my hard earned cash on White Whine. . .

what the h is a Pinto Grigio?

I liked the Tocatta best out of the 4-pack I bought. The Nebbiolo and Sangiovese weren’t great, but on par with plenty of $10 bottles. I’m in for one if the clicker works!

Oops. Give us a second, working on fixing that for you all.

Edit: We should be good now. Post if there’s still an issue.

It’s by Ford

Fianlly white and it won’t let me.
EDIT: In for one! Thanks WD for the Pinot Grigio…my favorite! Now back to my regularly scheduled work day with a happy satisfied smile

I personally feel wine.woot needs to sell more white wine.

thanks dave :slight_smile:

Which of these wines would you recommend with escargots?

Considering I don’t eat escargot, that is.

How 'bout with spicy cajun crawfish?
(especially for those who suck the heads)

Yes, back on July 23rd, but I didn’t buy it then.

Here’s the forum on a previous offering

and nobody is buying… great… I’m leaving… I’ll be back in 20 hrs… :(… I understand that they are trying to make $ and sell out crap they can’t otherwise, but once in a while you ought to throw us a bone… mainly after the rough morning…