Manfrotto Camera Gear

I use a 804RC2 (the head on the 294 kit) and it’s a very robust medium duty head. The photographs don’t make it crystal clear but it does have a spirit level and use the standard Manfrotto plate.

The tripod it’s on is decidedly lighter duty but is a very good budget tripod if you want something that will last a while that’s not too heavy. I’m not a fan of snap locks but that’s personal preference for many. I’ve used a 294 but do not own one.

Note that the head is definitely not the greatest head for video, if being a 3-way head didn’t make it obvious. The tripod is probably too light to make very smooth pans (I would expect some vibration).

I got one of the Vivace 20 holsters during the last sale. The zipper on it is poorly constructed and sticks so often the thing is nigh unusable. Perhaps my experience is a one-off, but be aware if you want to get or stow your camera quickly.

Every time I see a Manfrotto woot, I hope a monopod is one of the items for sale.

Is the Gitzo the GT-531 or the GT-0531?

The former is a tabletop tripod, the latter is closer to full sized. I asked this the last time I saw this listed.

The model number and MSRP indicate the GT-531, while the height/weight specs indicate the GT-0531.