Mani Foods Greek Olive Mix Whole

Mani Foods Greek Olive Mix Whole
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Mani Foods Imported Whole (with pits) Greek Olive Mix, 1.8kg Plastic Barrel

I bought these in the last offer, they were running out of the pitted ones and added these. We love them, in for another.

Do they require refrigeration after opening? That container looks like it will take up a huge part of the 'fridge.

Wondering if these: are about the same quality or worse. seems to be about the same price minus the shipping cost.

There were some comments before that said they did not and I think it depends on how fast you can use them. I keep the container in the fridge, it’s shorter than a gallon of milk. We fill a smaller container to eat them from.

Please confirm that the product being offered is the jar of whole olives with pits instead of whole pitted olives. If this is the jar of olives with pits, shouldn’t it weigh 2.0 kg instead of 1.8 kg?

I went to Pitt, great school. The Medical School is now world famous, and their Engineering Program is the equal of anything in the country. What? Oh. Nevermind.

I’d like to know this too, as I would prefer the pitted version.

As for keeping them out on the counter, I kept these on the counter until I finished them. Note that if you put them in the fridge, the oils will likely solidify on the top (since olive oil has saturated fat in it, which is what solidifies).

I personally loved these and if they’re pitted will buy them again.

Try reading the SPECS

I think the confusion is coming from the fact that the specs say it is a 1.8kg jar, which is their pitted product but the pic shows a 2.0kg jar which is their with pits product.

Yes, it does say “with pits”, but the specs are confusing, as the 1.8 kg jug is for the pitted not whole olives.

Bummer. I find pitted olives to be better, as it’s much easier to add them to salads and the like.

Show me your pits!

How many olives are in the jug?


Sarcasm not intended, the tub weighs almost 4lbs. These are the pits which are so much better tasting …definitely in for 1

In for 3! These are far away the best olives for the price! Can’t wait!

I’ve bought the pitted Kalamatas and the pitted mixed several times. Refrigeration isn’t necessary, but you should keep the container in a cool place; I keep it in our basement…next to the wine.

I keep a supply in a smaller container in the fridge. I retrieve the olives with a slotted spoon, rinse them in clean water, and then put them into a container of red wine, water, and herbs (tarragon, thyme, rosemary).

Hot damn! I’ve been waiting for the pits to come back. In for two.

I have the Roland ones in my fridge right now. Decent olives, but the Mani brand may be a bit better of an olive. (It’s been a while since I had the Mani ones). Note: I have the pitted ones, and I think the Roland ones are staying firm longer than the pitted Mani ones did. YMMV.

To clarify, these are with pits. And I might add, mighty tasty.