Mani Foods Greek Olives - (Your Choice)

Mani Foods Imported Pitted Greek Olives, 1.8kg Barrels - (Your Choice)
$27.99 $36.00 22% off List Price
Mani Foods Imported Pitted Greek Olive Mix, 1.8kg
Mani Foods Imported Kalamata Greek Pitted Olives, 1.8kg

Olives ordered. Thanks, woot.

Would I need to refrigerate these and if so what are the dimensions of the container?

Exactly what I want to know! You read my mind!

The Woot discussion for these from 4 years ago shows one user had a container go moldy after a month opened on the counter in a somewhat hot apartment. Others had no issues with that. Some commenters refrigerated a container (slightly larger than a milk jug) for a few months. The olives were good but a tad mushy at the end of those 3 months.

Quick and Dirty -
Observations say, refrigerate the opened containers for freshness especially in hotter conditions. They are the size of a gallon of milk.

Just picked up two Kalamatas. Some buyers 4 years ago complained of the lack of Kalamata in the mixed containers.


Exactly the size of the barrels from donkey kong.

$7.00 a pound for olives, seriously???

I’ve bought these nearly every time they come up. I’m in Florida and have never refrigerated them, but the AC is never set higher than 78. They sit on the counter where I can quickly dump a cup into a salad or pasta dish. They do get mushy after several months, but the flavor stays the same. They also develop something of a solid white film at the top of the container after awhile (it’s pretty easy to avoid). The last thing I’d note is you will get some twigs of thyme and other seasoning elements in some scoops.

I’ve always bought the mixed pitted, might have to try the kalamatas this time.

Seriously, it’s a very good price! There are few offers at Amazon close to this, and this is a better product. I’ve been waiting for this product to come back for some time - I’m in for two!

Four pounds of olives? How long do these last in the fridge? It might take me 4-6 months to eat that many.

Nope…no need to refrigerate.

Dimensions are 9.5" tall and 19" around the biggest part of the middle.

Just looked, and the last time we bought these it was 2013. The last of that batch got pushed to the back of our pantry and we just threw them away last week because they were moldy. It’s been two years though…we generally keep these for a long time (though admittedly not 2 years!) with absolutely no troubles at all.

They were 22.99 last time we purchased them and I was in for three…I think I’ll go two this time.

the olive oil in the brine can solidify somewhat if you decide to refrigerate. it does quickly melt once at room temp.

be sure to use a clean spoon/ladle each time you access these lovely morsels or they will go bad quickly and keep your fingers out of the olive jar.

the jar is taller than a gallon milk jug.

i have bought several times and usually don’t refrigerate. in for 1 kalamata.

I’ve got about half a jug of the Greek pitted left from nearly a year ago stored in the pantry with ~absolutely no spoilage issues~; just ate some last night.

I use a slotted spoon to remove them, so no fingers in the brine.
Still as good as day one.
Container is 24cm high by 15cm widest.

In for the Kalamata this time.

Great deal-- I’ve been waiting for a while. (In the meantime, I had to go to Astoria and buy some to tide me over.)

As many have said, no need to refrigerate, but you certainly can, if you have room. Some people like to take out a small amount at a time to leave out, while refrigerating the rest.

I’ve been waiting for these to come up again. A must by for me. In for one of each. Yum!
I don’t refrigerate the container and they keep just fine, for many months. But I do keep a smaller containerof them in my fridge for convienience. As long as the olives remain under the brine, and you dont use your fingers, they keep remarkably well.

Now wait a minute. Yes, this sounds like a lot at first, but think about it. Unless you find a big sale or something, you’re gonna pay about $5-ish for a jar of good olives at any grocery store. I just checked the jar in my fridge and it’s 7.5 oz. Now, this is all guesstimation, but if the average is $5 for a 7.5 oz jar then this is a great deal.

The only caveat here is what I like to call “the Costco effect.” This is what happens when you get all excited about a great deal but forget you’re buying in bulk. I have 100 individually wrapped packets of green tea taking up space in my pantry right now that says I don’t need these olives. :slight_smile: I’m still thinkin’ about it though. Except we don’t eat that many olives. Maybe we should eat more…

I don’t refrigerate mine; I keep them in the original container in my basement, which is cool (60F) and fairly dark. (This is also where I keep my wine.)

I have a ~one cup container (hard plastic with a sealing lid - one of a set I bought from home.woot!) that I periodically refill with olives and keep in the refrigerator. I rinse the olives (because otherwise they are too salty for me) and add a little red wine and water, and sometimes fennel and thyme. This means I open the main barrel less frequently, which I suspect extends its life.

I am still working on my pitted Kalamata olives from January 10th of this year (presumably delivered the week or so after) and they are in good shape. In fact, we ate some yesterday.

the Mani foods greek olives really fit this weeks theme. a real favorite.