Mani Foods Greek Olives - (Your Choice)

Mani Foods Imported Greek Olives, 1.8kg Plastic Barrel - (Your Choice)
$27.99 $44.00 36% off List Price
Mani Foods Imported Whole (with pits) Greek Olive Mix, 1.8kg Plastic Barrel
Mani Foods Greek Olive Mix without Pits, 1.8kg Plastic Barrel

thank you oh great mani! i almost bought some olives @ home goods today. no, i said wait for the MANI…glad i did.

I’m making my manager buy these for the office.

I’m so excited!

First I got my balsamic and now my olives. I was out of both and they’re shipping before the summer heat really kicks in and makes me hesitant to order. Thank you Woot!
These babies are good on so many things including in a bowl by themselves for snacking on with a glass of wine while cooking. I’m just unsure whether or not to store them on my cabinet during the south Louisiana summers.

Suffers from product variation. But still salty as can be.
I picked up more of these last time ( because the first time was awesome, if not over brined.
This last batch was noting like the first. Got the mixed w/ pits and most of them had been macerated because these were the toss outs from the de-pitting machine. You could see the cross punctures in the ones that weren’t totally mangled. The few that were intact were good tasting, but had tough leather skins that got spit out with the pits.
Speaking of pits, there were plenty of fragments from the crushing process.
Oh, and Mani Foods sold these for $23 before they re-branded as Mani Importers. List price - shmis price, nice job on making up numbers, Woot!

I’ve bought at least 3 of these. I haven’t noticed any variation. I buy the pitted mix, and use them mainly for adding to food like salads. They are a bit too salty for eating many by themselves, though. However, the salt allows them to sit on the counter for months with no problems.

I almost bought them until I noticed it was only the mix. I’ll have to hold out for the all kalamata versiom.

I still have about a quarter of my Kalamata barrel from the last offer left, but I’ve gotten the mixed before and they’re quite good. The pitted ones tend to be saltier. I store the barrel in the cool basement, and periodically bring up a cup of olives which I rinse several times in fresh water before storing in the fridge in a mixture of red wine, water, and herbs.

Question: If I’ve had the jug in the refrigerator, would it be okay to move the jug to a non-cooled (but not hot) basement to store? I have the mix, pitted, and find the quality to be the same as the first jug I bought a while back…

the new olives are here!
the new olives are here!

They were waiting on my pouch today along with the sardines.

Thank you Mani Foods.