Mani Foods Imported Kalamata Greek Pitted Olives


O-M-G these are SOOOOOO good! I ordered one last time they were offered…in for two now!

Got these last woot off… huge jar. Haven’t opened it yet though. Not sure how to store the opened jar in my tiny fridge.

I ordered these last time. Great value, but the seals weren’t on the tubs properly, and they leaked saline into the footwell of my car, which is still wet. Corrosion awaits. I got a refund
9must check) but that wasnt the point!

Be careful with these and make sure yours had the rubber seals on properly!

Thing is I bet the actual olives are lovely

Mani Foods Imported Kalamata Greek Pitted Olives
$19.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Pitted
1 Mani Foods Imported Kalamata Greek Pitted Olives - 1.8kg

No CellarTracker for this bad boy.

i ordered the imported greek olive mix last time and when we opened the container it was full of mold. these are very poorly sealed, so be warned. Woot was very easy to deal with though in getting us another one shipped from the vendor.

Almost four pounds of Olives. That would last a long time and might present a storage issue.

Unless of course I have a martini party or 2…

yes, very bad seal! ours were moldy when we opened them (Imported Greek Olive mix).

In for 3. Love these babies. TY Woot. I will always buy these,please keep bringing them back.

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I got these last time and LOVE them. The only reason I’m not ordering again now is that I still have about half the jug left.

We cook with them,put them in our salads, and snacking. We went through one mixed keg in a month. This is from a nice olive company in Greece. I wished they bring back the mixed pitted kegs.

Would have been in if these had been the unpitted olives. Sadly, the unpitted sold out in the original offering.

I agree! My wife is going to kill me when I order these again, we still have a kilo from the last time they were offered. But they are just so good!

I’m in the same hole in the water where I throw my money. I needs me some pits!

So these need to be refrigerated? How long will they last before spoiling? Any nutritional info? Questions abound!

I’ve never have Kalamata olives before and I realize these are black olives, but how do they go with a Vodka Martini?

when do these pups expire?

Once you them,it’s a good idea to put it in the refrigerator.