Mani Foods Imported Kalamata Whole Greek Olives

Mani Foods Imported Kalamata Whole Greek Olives
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1 1.8kg Plastic Barrel Mani Foods Kalamata Whole Greek Olives

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Are these with or without pits?

I’d buy if they are pitted (without pits).

Way to salty. I am a saltaholic and these
were too much for me!

You have to really like olives to get this. It is a LOT of olives but they a really good.

Just as an aside, if you refrigerate these you will notice a white solid form at the top of the jar. This is gross to dig through and coats the olives as well so they need a good rinsing. If you leave it on the counter this won’t solidify so you won’t see the problem.

I have heard mixed things about how long they last on the counter but they are in a brine so they should last with no issues.

Can we please have a wine I’d like to buy next? You know the ones I’m talking about.

Check again, the previous offers were for the mix - these are just one kind.

They are whole olives, so with pits. Personally I prefer olives with pits. More flavorful.

Refurbished ones have a lot of flavor too. Or so I’ve heard.

Personally, I prefer olives in the garbage. They’re gross.

I also prefer wine on wine woot.

I usually hate all the complainers, but this is kinda fun even though I’m just bitchin for the fun of it.

I believe that the ones in the black Jar are with Pits.

See below…

Oh no, I’ve been “bleeped”!

Now I’m going to 7734 for sure.

Olives are a big hit in my house. Can anyone give me a general idea of the size of this barrel? A google conversion of 1.8kg is almost 4 lbs. Is that right?

And to the person who asked if they were pitted, it says “whole olives” so I’m guessing no. As in, yes…pits.


I ordered the mix of both pitted and with. I haven’t got to the one’s with the pits, but I am very impressed with the quality of these olives. I will surely purchase the mix again, if it is offered, and am debating about pulling the trigger on this one.

Yes, mine are salty, but no more than other brined olives I have tried. Everyone that I have shared the mix with liked them.

I have a thing (bottle? jar? container, I guess) of the mixed olives in my fridge and they are great. The only complaint has been from one daughter: not enough black olives.

Are these black olives?

Yep. That is the approximate weight. The jar is roughly 6 inches in diameter, and just a shade under 9.5 inches tall. It takes up just a shade less than a gallon of milk in my fridge.


Obviously, what I taste and what the olive-lovers taste must be completely different.

Yes, it is a hair under four pounds.

The last woot on them has a photo of the jar in a guys fridge. (I just looked quickly but couldn’t find it.)

I’d say it is about the volume of a 96 oz jug of OJ, though not the same shape.

Black olives and Kalamata olives are not the same thing, although Kalamata are black olives from Greece. They do not taste the same and Kalamata olives are often purplish.