Mani Foods Imported Kalamata Whole Greek Olives

Are these pitted?


they may not be pitted, but they are still tasty.

Had these before, wooted last year: These guys make great olives, as long as your container has been properly sealed. Recommended highly.

We have had these for a LONG time and are still enjoying them. Aside from eating as is, I like to put a serving spoonful on fish or chicken and bake it with white wine and tomatoes…very tasty

Local price at Market of Choice is $7.99 a lb. No deal since I can go get them tomorrow and not wait for them to show up when the Woot gods smile upon me. Bummer. I wanted to be excited about this :frowning:

Damn. I missed these. Again. Third time, I think.

This is turning out to be my most disappointing woot-off ever. :frowning:

Has anyone received their’s yet? 12 days and no shipment, this is the second time that these haven’t shipped for a long time. I need these prior to Thanksgiving.

Didn’t get mine yet either

Still not even shipped. Now, I am pissed. Between my BOC stating it has been delivered (and it has not been) this not being shipped yet, and other things taking forever to get here, I’m about tired of Woot and I have spent a lot of money here.

Well my, lets just call it, mess arrived today. Got a leaker. Half of the brine is out of the container. Nice soggy box and packing peanuts. Gasket on the container is shot. grrrrr Its colder out here than my frig so really not worried anything went bad. but still grrrrrr

That sucks.

Mine still isn’t here, and the shipment info does not show it as being shipped, only the shipping information sent. They have had the money for two jugs now for almost a month, yet, I have nothing to show for it.

and still no Bag of Crap. Come on, do I need to quit buying from Woot entirely?

Update: The box is lost in the land of FedEx enchantment somewhere, so they have to send a new one. Now, they have to be here by Christmas since they were supposed to be here by Thanksgiving for a gift (we exchange on one side early.)

The BOC is being replaced also, since it is marked as delivered, but never actually got here. Yay for woot making it right.

Have to update, still no olives.

40 days and still no olives. This is now beyond ridiculous, not even funny any more and I am tired of it.

The olives go there today. Finally. Unfortunately, they are only actually one of the olives that it was supposed to be, the other is a different style.

Also, the one jug leaked all over the place.

Ridiculous. More than 40 dollars, more than 40 days, the order is still wrong and is messed up.