Mani Foods Imported Whole (with pits) Greek Olive Mix

Mani Foods Imported Whole (with pits) Greek Olive Mix
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PRODUCT: 1 Mani Foods Imported Whole (with pits) Greek Olive Mix

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WOW! No love for this woot i see!

Bet lots of people signed off for the day thinking no more olives. I would love to get some feedback. My fridge can hold two gallons of milk. I got rid of one this am with the red barrel. Love to dump the other with a black barrel.

Thou shalt not commit Olive Adultery?

However, having missed out on the previous (12 hour) wine.woot!, I am pleased, if not dismayed, by this offering. As I recall, woot! was wont to split their 24-hour offerings on occasion in the past, no?

You’ll need Adobe Reader for this one:

Table Olive Standards

Just when I thought I had seen everything from W00T!


There is a first time for everything I suppose.

I’m having trouble figuring the metric to imperial to olive to martini ratio. Is it Kg x 1.4 x Ol x Gin? Or is it Kg x Monkey x pi x tabuli 2?

Bah! After I bought the pitted ones?! Now I gotta get these too. Touche, woot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this still woot!??? Why isn’t this a 55gal barrel of olives?!? THAT is the Woot! I knew and loved! :wink:

I’m with the tangle-locked wooter on this one – I, too, seem to recall “split-fingered” fastwoot!s on rare occasion… kinda like a micro mini-woot!-off, if you will, or are “wont” to be…

Early today, I saw 25 dollars for a container of olives and closed the window. A few hours later, I checked back and read all the positive comments. Then I saw how massive 3.9 lbs of olives looked in a fridge. I had to go in for one.

So, I have already ordered, and I saw that it sold out. Why would I check back? Who knows, but I saw ones with pits and bit again.

Heh :slight_smile:

Pits or no pits, makes no difference to me, I am in on this one!!

Mani Foods Imported Whole (with pits) Greek Olive Mix
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PS - Nice backup plan WineDavid :wink:

Just as I was about to cry missing out on the previous Woot.

Now I am a happy camper!

Thanks Woot! :slight_smile:

The Woot! gods have smiled on me. This morning I was thinking to myself I wanted a massive jar of olives, but I REALLY wanted a massive jar of olives with pits.

For reasons do not fully understand I was compelled to check back this afternoon, and lo I want no more. Woot! Woot!

Well played, Woot. I initially resisted the impulse to buy earlier today, but then gave in anyway… Now, I am forced to rationalize and justify my purchase of pitted olives… Well, I am going to enjoy them anyway, so there!

But that’s not what I came to talk about. Since the topic of white fuzz/mold will inevitably come up, I proffer my lesson on dealing with with it, borrowed and slighly edited from my post earlier today:

To those who had the white fuzz develop on the top of the brine:

I had this happen, and I contacted the company to ask if that meant the olives were FUBAR. I got a very helpful, somewhat bemused reply, indicating that the olives were fine, but just needed a little TLC. I followed the instructions provided, and was successfully able to continue to enjoy them for many more months. Here’s what to do:

  1. Scoop off as much of the white crud as possible with the spoon of your choice.

  2. Separate brine and olives - place the olives in a bowl, and keep the brine in a container for the time being.

  3. Rinse off the olives with fresh water.

  4. Wash out the original OEM olive container.

  5. Return brine and olives to container.

  6. Add fresh layer of olive oil, so that all of the brine is completely covered with oil.

  7. Make sure to keep the top on tightly between uses. I added a few layers of plastic wrap under the lid, which made for a more airtight seal.

To anyone skeptical or grossed out by this, I understand. I tentatively tried a couple of olives after doing this process, and they were indeed fine. I opened the container every week or so afterward, fully expecting to see moldy olives - never happened. I used the olives for nearly a year, which includes about 8 months after removing the white stuff. I did make sure to always assure that enough olive oil covered the brine. The olives were never refrigerated - they spent their time with me in the kitchen pantry.

In retrospect, I realized that I did not really mix up the olive/oil/brine mix the first few times I got olives out of the container. That evidently removed an excessive amount of oil, and consequently exposed the brine to air for long periods of time. This is to be avoided - just add more olive oil as needed as you use the olives.

Hope this info helps someone. I have eagerly made another purchase, without fear of white crud.

Thank you so much, very helpful! I cannot wait to get my olives! :slight_smile:

Mani Foods Imported Whole (with pits) Greek Olive Mix
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It’s the pits Frank, it’s the pits!
It’s the thing that’s gonna make Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band fat Frank, it’s the big hit!
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It has been a while, greggie, but let me suffice to say that the irrevocable predecessor to the FZ-CB duo would be the collaborative efforts of Firesign Theater