Mani Foods Imported Whole (with pits) Greek Olive Mix

Mani Foods Imported Whole (with pits) Greek Olive Mix
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CONDITION: Delectable
PRODUCT: 1 Mani Foods Imported Whole (with pits) Greek Olive Mix

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if only this was kosher

thats like 40% pits by weight!

Can’t help it…

Isn’t that a pity?

Is this going to be up long enough to allow us all some sleep?

Since its going to be nothing but olives all night I will see you all tomorrow bright and early eager to hit the big yellow button.

Bought some of these a few weeks ago. Moldy already, stored in fridge in two different containers (one clear, one the original black). Don’t mean to kill the woot-off, but Woot: you should know better. There’s something wrong with the quality of this product.

1.8 kg = 3.96832 lb

3.96 x 40 = 158.4

158.4 / 100 = 1.58

so that means out of 3.96 LBS Olives
You get 1.58 LBS Pits
And 2.38 LBS of Olives

disclaimer: I suck at math

That is still a lot of olives.

It’s not mold. Just the salt and oil coagulating.

this product is the pits!

What Cesare said. My only complaint is that I will likely end up dead before I finish the jar. Great quality olives, but buyer beware, it’s really a LOT of them. :slight_smile:

I haven’t tossed them yet; just discovered it (coincidentally) a few minutes ago. If I die from your advice I’m going to be angry!

Im in for 1 tonight!! these olives are amazing!!






In for 1. Just popped my wine.woot cherry.

These are fantastic, they are less bitter with the pits in them. I’d love to order again, but living alone, these would have to last a very long time in the fridge. When I’ve ordered them in the past, I was living with someone with an appetite for 3 people, so they didn’t have to last long.

You just pitted your wine.woot olive.

sLLLeeeeeeeeppp time