Mani Foods

The size is all Greek to me.

A gallon of water weighs about 3.8 kg, so I guess this is just under half a gallon of olives?

The Mani Greek Olive Mix is consistently the best mix of olives I have ever tasted…if only they weren’t pitted (personal preference) I would be in for two. I’ve been unsuccessfully begging the company via email for over a year for a direct sale (they’re that good).

Got these once, really good olives, but a lot!! unless you eat a LOT of olives like me after 6 months they go in the trash

Yay! These are awesome olives! And it is really not hard to eat them all before they go bad, because, AWESOME OLIVES.

I swap them out to smaller containers and put them in our cool basement.

Bought these last time and loved them. Kept in the fridge they kept way longer than 6 months just fine.

Anyone know how long these are good stored unopened? Considering buying more than one but unsure how long the shelf life is.

What are the dimensions of the container? Wondering if it will fit in my fridge.

Going to take a chance on these. I used to think I hated olives, until I went to Italy and discovered that olives were actually delicious, I had just always had crap ones here in the US. Trusting in you Wooters when you say these are good.

I have been waiting a long time for more Mani Terra Olives. Bought some from Woot in 2013; Wonderful. Used them up and it is almost impossible to find Mani Terra Kalamata olives. The substitutes I did find were inferior. I did not hesitate to purchase these even though I have a the same size container of Kalamata olives from a different grower. They are that good. I wish they were not pitted, but, hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

I bought these in a prior woot and must say i didn’t like these…I LOVED EM!

Too bad this woot is the pitted variety as the olives with pits have more flavor.

Love, love, love. Great for snacking and for cooking. Both the mixed and the all Kalamatas. But I prefer the ones with pits – they maintain their shape longer. I bought two of these back in 2013 & still have about a pint left. The large container fit in the back of my frig just fine, but I started putting the olives in smaller containers just to make getting them out easier (so I didn’t have to rearrange the frig each time I needed a cup or two of olives). Just make sure the brine covers the olives & they’ll last indefinitely. The Olive oil will congeal on the olives when they’re stored at 40’, but once they’re room temp again they look (&taste) fine.

In for one.

we buy the 2 kg Roland mixed olives jar for $29.31 currently at Amazon.

I’m curious as to how those compared to the Mani Terra olives.

As other have posted, it’s almost impossible to find Mani Terra Olives at stores or on-line retailers that will ship to the US at a sensible price.

I have been tempted to order the ones you mention from Amazon.

Not a problem with that here. Last time these were offered, I purchased two of them. Those lasted less than 2 months at my house.

My wife and I LOVE them.

Don’t know the exact dimensions, but these seem to be the same exact size as the ones I ordered before.

They are about 3/4 size of a 2L soda bottle, height wise. Maybe a little more in girth.

As far as I can remember the non pitted have been offered only once by Woot. IMO, those are the best as they seem to hold more of the flavor.

I have ordered the pitted kind twice before, and by far, these are the best olives I have ever tasted. They are very hard or next to impossible to find. We love to put them on top of a freshly baked pizza.

I’m in for two. I will continue to buy them every chance I get.

Here is a picture from another wooter’s fridge, posted for a prior woot! offering of these olives:

And here is a thorough discussion of these olives from past woot!s - they get high praises:

I’m in for some olives.

In for one (bucket 'o mixed olives).

thx to all who replied about the size. I did jump on it and order one – but now I’m wondering, has anyone who ordered these received them yet? My order has been stuck in “preparing for shipment” hell indefinitely.

Probably another couple of weeks would be my guess.