Mani Imported Kalamata Pitted Olives

Mani Imported Kalamata Pitted Olives

I ate my first barrel in just under a month… I promise to do better this time!

These olives are very good and hold up well. We keep ordering them.

Woot: Please offer the Mani Olive oil in large containers. That is excellent!

Wow, they must be so much better than the one’s they sell at Costco for eight bucks!

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Actually, yes, they are.

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The ones I got from Costco for $8 sucked balls… not even salty… flavourless and lame. I haven’t shopped at Costco in years but I’m sure we’re talking about the same lame ass olives

These will knock your socks off!

What’s up.with the loooooong wait for delivery? Est delivery of July 26?

Items on Gourmet take longer than our other sites as they’re shipped directly from the manufacturer. They’re worth the wait though.

I did receive these and frankly they are just little salt pills. …and I really like salty things ALOT… Jm2cw but I don’t think they have very good flavor or any flavor.