Mani Imported Kalamata Pitted Olives

Mani Imported Kalamata Pitted Olives

Uhm, yeah. These are $22 reg price. Inflating prices to post fake deals is not cool, Woot.

Did you include shipping?

Shipping is free for Prime members or with $35 purchase. So even if you’re not a member you could spend $3 more than Woot price and get a $13 item with your olives over on Amazon.


Where are you getting the price from?

The ones on Amazon are not pitted. Therefore, you are paying for the weight of the pits with those, whereas with these, you are only paying for the olives. Also, pitting the olives has to cost something. I don’t know whether that fully accounts for the price difference, but it doesn’t seem unreasonable to me.

You are also looking at different brands. I cannot find these olives on Amazon, but similar ones (same brand), and the price seems fairly accurate. You also have to account for shipping costs, which considering this is a Greek brand, is high.

Okay, yep I’ll concede these are a different albeit still a Greek brand in the same size. But realistically even with them being pitted (same price for pitted ones on Amazon too), and even with an exorbitant shipping cost Woot is not claiming they’re worth $32, they’re saying retail price is $51 and that $32 is a deal. Considering it’s not just one brand, but a dozen or so comparable brands at the lower price point either A) Woot is inflating the retail value B) thinks nearly $30 shipping cost for an under 5lb product are normal.

What about option C) Mani has a high price for these olives?

I’m not saying that your choices can’t be ruled out, but rather suggesting another option.

Sure, if we’re playing devil’s advocate, it is indeed possible that this brand prices its product at twice that of its competitors. Would surely explain why they have a surplus to sell at a “discount” on woot.

Shame the only way to get the retail price from them would be to contact them.

For the love of God, stop selling these olives!!! No one wants them and they are not Gourmet.

these are awesome olives and the product is not artificially high. and they last forever.

Can you bring back the Greek olive mix? Those were great!

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I agree. These are good, but the mixed olives are great.

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