Mani Imports Pitted Greek Olive Mix

Mani Imports Pitted Greek Olive Mix

Today is a good day! In for three.

I love olives but have never tried these, how do these compare to average grocery green and kalamata olives?
Roughly how big is the container?

I sometimes get a 2 kg plastic barrel of alfonso olives through amazon, and it is roughly the size of a gallon of milk. If your fridge door can hold a gallon of milk, this should fit in there just fine.

Ooooh a little to add to my charteugeri

I’m going to try these and get my super-secret code coupon code.

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Woot…please bring back this type of olives WITH pits! TY!

Hmmm. Pitted olives. If they didn’t have pits, wouldn’t they be UN-pitted?


HAHA :sunglasses:

Could it be more confusing?

But it states clearly in the features: Mani Foods Greek Olive Mix without Pits, 1.8kg Plastic Barrel

I prefer them with pits as they seem to be more stable and last longer than without.


Waiting for my order.

Estimated delivery date: Wednesday, August 19, 2020

These are on the slow boat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Olives arrived today! Thanks, Woot! :grin:

So , what’s the deal here? I’m supposed to eat six olives a day?

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