Mani Imports Pitted Greek Olive Mix

Mani Imports Pitted Greek Olive Mix

Bought these when you good folks there at Woot had them 2 for 29.99. Well worth the price. 1 for 29.99 is a little high now that I got the other deal. You put them back 2 for 29.99 I will buy 10 sets :wink:


just in time as i recently finished my jug of non-pitted kalamatras. trying the mix this time.

What size footprint does this make in the fridge? I love olives, but have a very basic refrigerator.

Similar one on Amazon says:

Package Dimensions : 9.7 x 6.9 x 6.6 inches;


Bring these back please and thank you, but the 2 for 29.99 not the 1 for that price!