Mani Imports Pitted Greek Olive Mix

Mani Imports Pitted Greek Olive Mix

Mani Imports Pitted Greek Olive MixSold by Woot


2 @ $29.99

Bring back the 2 for 29.99 deal and I will buy 10 sets no questions asked. 1 for the same price (you had then 2 for 29.99 on Aug 20th, 2020) is just not a good deal now.

Uhm, prove it? We can’t find any time where we’ve sold them 2 for $29. There’s no order on your account for Aug 20.

So now your calling me a liar to my face far out woot. I apologize it was not Aug 20th. Here is the complete Order. Order Date:

Jul 24, 2020

Order Number:



Mani Imports Pitted Greek Olive MixSold by Woot


2 @ $29.99

Here is the emails I got back from Woot when I asked to put them back 2 for the 29.99

A message from Woot Customer Service

Sep 23 at 5:27 AM

Message From Customer Service
Hello there,

Thanks for contacting us regarding the order : 661xxxxx

I’ll be sure to pass your comments on to the appropriate people in our company as we take everything you say to heart and try our best to incorporate your thoughts into our site and business improvements.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns and I’ll be happy to assist.|

Topic: I have some other order-related question.
Order #: 6615xxxx
WIN: WT252835A - Mani Foods Imported Pitted Greek Olive Mix
Quantity: 2 @$29.99

Order Date: Saturday, July 25, 2020

I noticed you good folks there at woot had these up again, but only for 1 jug at 29.99. I got them 2 for 29.99, and if you put them back at 2 for 29.99 I will buy 5-10 sets right off the bat. These are great, but I already got used to the Woot deal for 2, not for 1. Put em back at 2 for 29.99 and if you make it happen, I will buy all you will let me buy the day you do it.

I suggest you do your research before calling someone a liar to their face. Pretty much simple as that.


Generally when the order history shows “quantity” @ “price”, that’s the price per (item).

But if Woot sold it for $14.495 EACH, then I’m sorry that I somehow missed that deal.

Hi there. So I deleted a lot of personal information in your post. Pls don’t post your email address, name, location, etc. on the internet. There are some bad people out there.

First, apologies that you thought I was calling you a liar. That was not my intent. Two of us went through past sales and your orders looking for the olives at a different price and couldn’t find them. I was using your date of August 20 as a guide although I looked a bit further back. I also searched past sales of Mani olives in our admin system. Search in admin sucks though so I likely missed it,

I’m not on my work computer so I can’t get to that sale at the moment. The link from the discussion is taking me to the current sale due to a change in the way we create urls. I’ll take a look at it in the morning.

No worries what so ever. Just didn’t appreciate being called a liar. It was my mistake with the date and I do apologize for that. I am old and have sometimers disease (sometimes I remember, and sometimes I do not). Put them back at 2 for 29.99 and I will buy 10 sets out the door simple as that really. :slight_smile: You actually had both for 2 for 29.99 on July 24th. *ell I will buy 10 sets of each if you let me. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Not that this is entirely useful in this case, so I don’t know why I’m bothering.)

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Interesting. The mystery of the Greek Olives goes on…

Good morning. Found your order. You paid $29.99ea for both jars of olives. You were refunded for one because it arrived damaged. You can see the $59.98 price marked out.


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Then I apologize to you. I told you I was old and had sometimers in a post above. So I went ahead and ordered 3 more of each variety.
I was wrong and once again apologize for it, and for being wrong. (sorry for the late reply) :slight_smile:

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No worries. We’re good. Enjoy the olives.

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So after that wild ride…

… Are these olives good? Is this a huge keg of olives or a tiny gourmet one?

1.81 kg, which comes out to 3.990367 pounds.

After reading this, just wondering… hmmm… if there is… any damaged containers of olives we can buy. No biggie, just ummm… wondering. Stupid question I know, but in the off chance that maybe one or two that was discounted, not really want to imply anything but you never know unless you ask.

Nevermind. my bad.

If you, say, receive a damaged one…

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