Mani Spanish EVOO- 3 Liters

Mani Spanish EVOO- 3 Liters

@tgaf - Is this the oil you were talking about?
I’d like to order, but am hoping it’s actually Spanish. :thinking:

What is the harvest date?

Ok… who is going to record themselves chugging this whole thing?

Spanish label but not necessarily Spanish oil. Mine said oil from Tunisia. Common practice. Another time I bought supposedly Italian olive oil and on the back it said Portugal.

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If you have a Costco membership buy your Ext.Virgin oil there, the Spanish EVOO with traceability from cultivation to bottling (basically assuring you it IS actual Spanish Olive Oil) is $12-ish for 3 Liters, they also have the Italian EVOO with DOP for around the same price.

On another note, always check where it says “made with olives from”, if there’s another country other than the country it’s supposed to be from, do not buy, it’s a shitty shady practice to give you low to medium quality oil masquerading as high quality oil.

My last bottle says PORTUGAL.

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Tunisia has won few gold medals so it’s not necessary a bad thing . Traders Joe has a good oil from Tunisia.

Any real oil from EU will cost $20+ per L.
Good oils will always have harvest date & best before .
Some small producer are even more extreme give you the type of olive & location of the harvest .

I read about Costco in the comments as funny as it sounds , in NYC I know chefs that swear by their organic . I personally like Paesano unfiltered organic & partana & Costco . Best I have tasted has been from Spain extracted via milling stone .