Manna Organics Nut Butter (4)

Manna Organics Nut Butter 4-Pack Sampler
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$49.99 $74.96 33% off List Price
Manna Organic Nut Butter Sprouted Almond Espresso, 12 oz. Jar
Manna Organic Nut Butter Hazelnut Cocoa Truffle, 12 oz. Jar
Manna Organic Nut Butter Fig and Nut, 12 oz. Jar
Manna Organic Nut Butter Coconut Cashew, 12 oz. Jar

These should go good with the $20 cheese puffs. LOL

Nutella, 26.5 Ounce Jar $14.69

You’ll thank me in the morning.

I think the prices here are not correct.

When I go to the Manna Organics web site:,

I see these four products listed at $14.99 each, which would be a total of $59.96.

Here are the links to each individual product:

sprouted almond expresso

coconut cashew toasted

fig & nut sprouted

hazelnut cocoa truffle

I imagine your price should be about $39. As for myself, I don’t normally buy fancy pants nut butters, organic or not, so I think I would need a sweet price of about $29 to pull the trigger here.

The final price comes from Manna’s lowest-priced delivery option at nearly $15. If you regularly buy these from Manna, I can imagine this is a steal for some people.

Yes, but, 33% off “list price”, which when hovered over specifically says “List price means the suggested retail price of a product as provided by a manufacturer, supplier, or seller.” Certainly shipping costs don’t come into play when factoring list price or discount calculations based on list price. This is actually closer to a 17% discount.

And because you know it had to be said:

$16.66 per lb

Manna Organic Nut Butter Hazelnut Cocoa Truffle

I assume this is to evoke the thought of a chocolate truffle and not suggesting that it has truffle in it?

Hey! Splurge as a gift for a loved one who eats peanut butters with a spoon!

Reminds me of the old joke about having cocaine is God’s way of telling you that you are making too much money.

Just replace cocaine with the gourmet product of your choice.

They do, despite what it says when you hover the cursor. That’s the standard jargon for all woot site discounts but wine, err, gourmet.woot is the only one that includes shipping in the price instead of charging an additional $5, therefore they factor in average shipping from the retailer when calculating the percentage discount.
Maybe it made more sense when they were selling wine.

You just won the Internet for the day.

I have been known to look around at Tuesday Morning, and find specialty peanut butters. Delicious types like cinnamon raisin swirl. Being the cheapskate I am normally, I buy them there for around $4,and enjoy! Now, they aren’t ‘gourmet’ or organic or exotic types like these, but still, I like them. Gotta say, I do occasionally go a bit crazy here, and buy over priced item (looking at you marshmallows).

No offense intended to Manna or owners of the companies recently featured on gourmet.woot, (which still shows as wine.woot in the URL, btw), but these “deals” SUCK. Are you seriously getting any business on these? Please, do everyone a favor and bring back wine.woot. Or at least fix your offerings, because jesus, its just laughable what has been posted for sale.

Woot only offers “Deals & Shenanigans”…you do the math.

Nutella recently changed their recipe. Increased sugar and powdered milk. That’s why the color is now milk-chocolate brown instead of nearly black.

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Nuff said!

For that price, I hope these are gallon jars.