Manscaping For All Skill Levels

Does a man using a passion pink flat iron do anything for the ladies?


I’ve never understood why people want to make their feet soft and smooth. Those build ups help protect your feet while walking bare.

What would a man use a flat iron for???

straightening his cubes?


I’m an accomplished manscaper and I don’t have the faintest idea.

Really Woot? You have a manscaping section with nary an epilator or bodygroom in sight?

I have long hair and am also wondering about the flat irons. I’ve never actually straightened my own hair…

Diabetics whose feet have not yet ended up becoming completely numb (due to debilitating neuropathy) will like this due to the fact they can try to keep their feet soft, smooth, and able to feel things under their feet. Once the feet become numb and calloused, it’s pretty much game over for the feet.

Foot care is essential for a lot of people. Diabetics are just one of many groups that could benefit from proper care.

Any man using these thing is not a man. Hair Iron?

anyone have experience with the cordless clipper set?

I got a set and liked it so much I bought one for my son! Both of us keep our hair short, so owning my own clippers really keeps the haircut bills down. I cut my hair myself (his wife does his for him), and the lack of a cord makes it infinitely easier. The initial charge is a whopping 18 hours (!) but each charge lasts about 3 haircuts.

OK, can I just say how disturbing it was to watch that? I sure hope the golden poker makes up for that horrible hairstyling display.

I always get annoyed in the spring after a winter of wearing winter boots, having to rebuild my feet so I can walk around barefoot. I wouldn’t want to soften my feet.

Manscaping to me gets a serious Facepalm.

I expected to see beard conditioner, straight razors, and mustache trainer kits. Where is the manscaping stuff?

And the ball shavers!

The Bacon Shaving Cream has my interest piqued.

Regarding the bacon shaving cream, its kind of odd that the reflection on the container shows the dude in a baseball cap taking the picture in some random room.