Manual Zero Gravity Chair

What model# is this chair?

Only three colors are offfered though four pictures are displayed. It appears “sand” is not available for purchase but is displayed?

I too would love to know the Model# of this chair.

Per the vendor: PC-410-100-003

this takes you to a vinyl version of the same chair…for $1,500 I hope it’s not vinyl.

What color is the wood base? And, if this is a new chair, why does it only have a 90 day warranty?

We do our best to get the best available warranties for the products we sell, but often one condition of a heavily discounted deal is that it does not include a standard manufacturers warranty.

With a zero gravity chair,
You will float in mid air.
Up up up, you will soar,
2 or 3 feet or more.
High enough to get a scare.
Only do this if you dare.

What color is a congac?


I think that would be Cognac. The photos clearly say “congac”, I’ve never seen a congac.

WOMP WOMP. :frowning:

Speling is herd.

It is made of polyurethane - imitation leather

Wood base is chestnut