Manuka Honey, 2 Pack

Manuka Honey, 2 Pack

Independently tested and cool processed to extract any bee particles or honeycomb bits.

*Bee Poop sold separately

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I was recommended Manuka honey by my GI Doc when I had an aggravated esophagus due to prolong acid reflux. This one on Woot appears to be UMF 5 which is the lowest grade but still affective.

Very, very low 30 mg/kg which is the concentration of MGO, or methylglyoxal. MGO is a naturally occurring compound found in higher concentration in Manuka Honey compared to other honeys. It is the main compound responsible for the Non-Peroxide Activity of Manuka Honey.

The higher MGO is the main reason for for buying Manuka Honey. For the health benefit it should be at least 10+, preferably 15+ but it gets more expensive.

This doesn’t appear to have a UMF label on the jar either “Unique Manuka Factor” meaning it contains Methylglyoxal which is the unique internationally medicinal factor of this unique honey, which are tested by labs and packaging in New Zealand ONLY. As a general standard, stick to UMF honey rating as only NZ Government and University of Dresden, Germany recognized standard of quality.

The company probably does not have the UMF license.

Much much better Manuka honey on the mothership to choose from.

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[quote=“SunriseSurfer, post:4, topic:388235”]
The company probably does not have the UMF license.[/quote]

It is expensive to license. I buy 10+ Manuka Honey from Trader Joes and found that the same producer may release the same product with and without licensing as the fee is quite expensive.