Manuka Honey 20+ - 250g

Manuka Honey 20+ - 250g

Oh, honey, this is going to take a while!

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They needed something to slow things down.

Manuka Hatata - it mean’s lunch break from the woot off.


Manuka hatata, what a wonderful phrase!

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Can I buy this in bulk at Costco and save 2 cents a gram?

Someone buy this… I’m very curious about the next item :smirk:

nobody needs bear claw backscratchers

Guess I’m less original than I thought :joy: :joy:

Cue the folks who usually complain about the lack of a UMF rating. And, yep, this will go s l o w l y.

Is that what those are? I’m pretty hairy…soooo

Nearly simultaneous, but ironically the same phrase!

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