Many Craps to Cross

This is an interesting strategy. I am sure some people have bought things they wouldn’t normally buy just to get closer to the next chance at crap. I would suggest increasing the crap pools to maybe 20-30 at a time though and not having them be between every product. That would give us slightly more than a 4 second window to score crap, which may make it just attainable enough to make me buy something I don’t need…like putty…

These steps work… If you have any questions let me know.
[] When the current item is 5-10% middle click (or use a different window) and click the Your Account link. If you are logged in you will be taken directly to your account, otherwise if prompted login.
] Use your woot account and woot payments, not amazon (they require an extra purchase step and with only 10 it will probably sell out before then)
[] When it is at 1-3% switch to the Woot community page.
] Change sort order to sort by date instead of sort by last post. (If you do by date the newest item is always on top)
[] Hit F5 until the top item is a picture of a BOC.
] Click that BOC and buy quickly.

I had a better chance at getting a bag of crap today than I ever did before. I always missed all the bag of craps before today. Just knowing there will be one after every sale, gave me a better chance of trying to get one. Granted I wasted all day online trying to get one and got absolutely nothing accomplished at work, but I managed to get my first bag of crap ever! Refreshing on the community page works!

I definitely agree with this! I had to disconnect my Amazon account with Woot because that extra step killed any chance I had

Well you’ve still gotten further than I have. When I refresh and there’s a baaaag of craaap up for sale, the Woot page only keeps giving me the sold out version of the previous item each time I refresh. And it’s only once the Crap is sold out that my refreshing finally lets me get through to the sold out version of the Baaahg of Craaahp webpage. And this is typically after a good solid couple minutes of refreshing. So I essentially don’t even have a chance because I can’t even SEE it (connect to it) until it’s over. I’m no computer expert, so I don’t know if there’s something I’M doing to cause my refresh to not get the same webpage that’s available to all the others that are scoring BOCs at that time, but honestly this new “system” is worse than the old one. Because you have to be on the hook for longer (since they’re doing BOCs every hour or so) and, at least in my case, I have LESS of a chance of scoring one because my webpage refreshes aren’t even allowing me to connect to the BOC until it’s over (because they’re selling much fewer BOCs than normal and are therefore ending so quickly). Maybe it’s because my computer’s signal is more states away from the Woot servers and it’s taking longer to get there. Hell, I dunno. But needless to say this is NOT my favorite Woot-Off.

I think maybe Woot was trying to make this a better system for people to have opportunities to get BOCs in the hopes that those that had already purchased one at one of the many other BOC offerings earlier in the day would know that they are limited to just the one and therefore wouldn’t be around refreshing at each item turn and clogging up the servers and the purchasing process for the rest of us. But instead their curiousity as well as the auto-bots that beat humans to each item turn are still there clogging up the refresh process and still cockblocking many of us mere mortals out of the BOC process.

Oh well. Maybe one of these days I’ll get to be one of the 1% - but only after I either learn to cheat or otherwise gain an unfair advantage over the rest of the lesser mortals.

Thanks guys for the community part… i was getting some luck when it was 404ing with the mobile app, but had a lot more with community. I’ve had somewhere between 6 and 12 boc in my cart today… one went denied… this one stuck!

Life is so much better not trying for a bag so often, tonight I walked away and de-stressed, enjoyed a lasagna dinner, a dvd movie and just took a nice long hot shower and husband just made me a huge mug of hot Chai tea with ginger and honey.

I only missed 4 bags for all this. :slight_smile:

Sometimes you just need to walk away.

You make good choices.

Thank you!

Yea, Woots not too fun anymore.
I wish they would just hide bag links on the site or give them out in sensible easy to play games.
Or maybe even give them out on the cart checkout pages after so many people actually buy something.

Keeping us tensed up stressing out the servers and increasing our blood pressure and growing blood clots in our legs isn’t a good way to treat potential customers.

But it’s working, items are selling pretty quickly, there are comments in the forums, and activity is up. Crap hunting is, and always has been, stressful and/or thrilling, depending on whether or not you score. If it’s too much, walking away is the best bet for your brain!