Many Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Devices

Does anyone know of a website that lists the OEM ROM versions available for these tablets? I’ve searched but can’t find anything definitive even on the Samsung site.

I’d like to get a new tablet for my kids, but having used the Android 4.3+ “Restricted Profiles” feature (and not merely multi-user accounts), I can’t see buying a tablet without it.


Bought one of the 8" models two months ago for $10 more. It has run well, no complaints. In fact it seems more reliable than the Nexus 7 I also have.

Anyone know anything about the Tab 3 getting Kit Kat update? All I can find is a press relase from Feb that generically lists “Tab 3” as one of the devices to get the update.

I was wondering this myself. This page from Samsung indicates that the Galaxy Tab 3 has not yet gotten the Kit Kat update, though many other Samsung devices have.

Not sure if this happen to anyone else? I ordered the Tab 3 8 inch in White and receive it yesterday. But when I open the box, it’s a Brown one. When I check the box it has the brown model numer, but with a small sticker over it claiming to be White version and a different model number.

When I contacted woot support. They’re telling me a replacement is not a available. Even though it’s still on sale. And offer a $20 consolation or return.

So I’m in a bit of dilemma here. Since this tablet is intended as a Fathers day gift.
Should I just suck it up, take the $20 consolation (which only cover the shipping and tax).

Or return this to Woot, and buy the version I want online with free shipping and tax for the same $149 price tag.

Since Woot Customer support won’t even attempt to mail me a replacement for a exchange, which clearly it’s still available and onsale. So I rule out returning this, and order a new one from here. Which may turn out to be the same situation.

This is so wrong! Now I will either need to explain why I’m late on this gift. Or why it isn’t the color that my father wanted.

Not to mention. This is the second consecutive order I received with the wrong items. 2 sepreate order within 2 days.

Woot!. You really need to examine your quality control process.

[I believe it is the 4.4 android devices, according to what I read. Hope that helps.quote postid=“5801018” user=“rlittle74”]Anyone know anything about the Tab 3 getting Kit Kat update? All I can find is a press relase from Feb that generically lists “Tab 3” as one of the devices to get the update.


I bought the 5" version here a couple of years ago…it was fun, but became too small and I went with the 10" Toshiba Thrive, and the Tab just sits here! Poor little thing!
But now I am tired of the Thrive, it is slow and annoying…so maybe it’s time to go Back to Samsung and the 10" Tab?!
Still…it is only the 3 and not the 4, so is dual-core. Wonder how quickly it will seem slow and annoying to me!?

I received my Tab 3 8.0 last night. Can’t say I’m very happy with the condition it came in from the “factory” refurb facility. It had smudges on the screen, as well as scratches on the back cover and along the metal edges. Cleaning the screen to apply a screen protector took some time and effort. The condition of the device was more like something I would expect when purchasing a used product on ebay or a pawn shop. Luckily there don’t seem to be any scratches on the screen (actually it looks like the screen or at least the glass was replaced), and the device seems to be otherwise working fine. Overall I’d say I’m neutral on the purchase. If Samsung ever releases an android 4.4/Kit Kat update for this thing that will quickly raise to positive :slight_smile:

Ordered mine on the 4th and still sitting in “shipping” status. Hopefully it makes it before the weekend so I can take it on my trip next week.

Still no change in the shipping status. Trying to cancel the order since it won’t make it when I needed it. No response from support request. Now they started a new Galaxy Tab event before even shipping all of the last round. Awesome…

Please be aware that standard shipping on items is usually 3-5 business days from the sale (sometimes much sooner than that). We ask that you allow some more time for your item to ship.

We recommend that if you don’t see any tracking updates/activity by tomorrow, June 13th, to please rewrite back into and let them know.

I purchased a 7" Brown one and when it arrived, it doesn’t work. It will boot to the splash screen and freeze or the screen will just go blank. I contacted support several days ago and still haven’t heard back. I just want a working device or my money back…

Sorry for the frustration. I’ll add you to my afternoon report.

In the meantime, make sure the tablet has a full 24hr charge via a wall outlet. Batteries are often shipped drained for safety reasons and it won’t charge via a computer.

Just dispute it from your credit card company for your purchase. Woot not going to cancel your order

Agreed, and done. Still in the same Shipping Now status today. No point sending a 3rd ticket into the support team for them to ignore.

Sorry for the problems. I’ll add you to my afternoon report to see if that helps.