Many Styles Of Sebago For He & She

I think Sebago makes men’s Wide shoes, but these aren’t available here?

Are these battle slip-ons passable to wear with a suit? The lace ones would be better I think but I need black :\

would have ordered at least 6 pairs of the shoes in this event should they have had size 13 and 14 available in any style.
sorry, woot, my $$$ must be spent elsewhere, by your choice.
and it’s only 12:19am. :frowning:

You realize woot is a clearance outlet, right? They get overstocks and whatnot. The clown sizes probably largely sold out at retail.

Stores sell the leftovers to places like woot, Marshalls/TJ Maxx, and whatever else so they can keep full priced inventory turning over.