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Granted I was a little bored by all the maple leaf submissions in this derby but this one was so good, I’ll forgive it for being a maple leaf shirt… Great talent…

Neat, in for 1

AWESOME shirt, congrats!!

Grats Enin!!! Awesome execution with your line art. You really brought the piece to life!

Congrats, Enin!

Was hoping for Northern lights; this is a good shirt but a disappointing winner. Not really into the brown, especially with a leaf (too Cool Breeze).

I got one, i got one! woo hoo!

Really neat and original design.

I love sketchy things to death, but to me this is more of a…“sketch, sketch, sketch…oh, fuck it” kind of unfinished.

The more I look at it the more it looks like a 10 year old ruined a perfectly good brown shirt with smears of peanut butter.

Is that header a reference to No I in Threesome by Interpol? Please woot! tell me you listen to interpol!

/loves interpol

/loves this shirt

i really like it a lot…in for one!

wooted for one. :]

Congrats on the win! Finally, I have one of your designs.

Congrats enin, cool leaf.

Just for this weekend, Woot should tell us how many orders went to Canada…

I’m in for one, eh. Love it.

I second that motion…