Maple Leaf

Fall is the only appropriate time to wear this shirt, where I live. It’s SO far away.

Congratulations on the win!

There is nothing awesome about it, it’s boring and lame. NO SALE FOR YOU WOOT!

giggles at filter
I disagree, only because I feel it came across as a nice cut off design… I liked the feel of it’s abrupt edge and it’s layers of color. If she would have been allowed, it would have been a cool effect to have it wrap around the side. It would have been stunning. Within the limitations, however, I like that it doesn’t scream “Hey everyone! I haven’t gone to Canada, but I’m wearing this maple leaf anyway!” but is an artfully done rendition of the stereotypical symbol of Canada.

indeed, ADD A bar Woot!

it’s not that lame, but i don’t think it interests me.

Wraparound Graphic + 6 Months Ago = Buy
Abrupt before Side + Sold at Start of Spring = No Buy

I appreciate the cleverness of the techniques, but it’s going to look very standard from afar. Like it’s missing the word “Ontario” in cursive cream ink in the upper-left. Sorry, I’ll see what the other Canada shirts hold in store. I frequently like the 2-3 finishers better anyhow.

supa fun happy times…domo origato woot and enin-san

in for uno

my ninth grade foreign languages/parents tax dollars for public education at work.

Congratulations on the first-place derby win. Please post a picture when you receive your copy of the shirt! Looking forward to seeing it printed.

:'D I love the woot filters. Everybody is such a muffin! -cough-

A wraparound would have been pretty neat if woot could do it. The sketchiness that is there is nice, but I would still say that the fade-out could have been handled better. It doesn’t look like a deliberate part of the design to me, more of an ‘oh, I give up.’

They’ve posted statistics before in the blog for a BagO’Crap, that would probably be easier than an additional bar.

Either way, I’m curious… Come on Woot… Give the people what they want! :slight_smile:

I actually like this shirt, but I look horrible in brown …

not my taste…but congrats on 1st…

Canada rocks! Cool shirt too - I’m in for one.

I can see where you are coming from on that point. Perhaps had it not been too abrupt Maybe if Enin had cut out the colors slowly as it started to fade, then the lines perhaps started to spread and become more sparse… yes… I can see where you are going with it. I would love to see how the execution of it comes out and if it would persuade more purchasers.

to simple it makes the shirt boring and why only half a leave?

too bad t-shirts are still useless here in montreal…

… put it on a hoodie! put it on a hoodie! or a parka for that matter.

Actually, the theme was not so lame, imo. Several of the designers were sidelined for various reasons along the way, so you are not seeing the variety of designs that were entered as you normally would.

Congrats to erin for 1st place!

Congrats to cw for the prediction getting so close! 727 vs 733 is great!! Your hard work has paid off.

I too am curious about this, eh. Give us what we want, eh

cool shirt, i got one but I’m hoping the northern lights & sunset one come up too.