Marantz 7.2 Channel 4K Receiver with HEOS

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Marantz 7.2 Channel 4K Receiver with HEOS
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This may sound like a dumb question but I bought a speaker system in 2008? From woot. It came with receiver and speakers. speakers are 4 Ohms I’m having a hard time finding a receiver that does 4 Ohms but I see that this will do it. My question is are 4 ohm speakers better than 8 ohm speaker? I’m sure being 10 years old they’re not the best quality speakers but I could get the receiver now and then worry about speakers at a later date

If you search for reviews some people recommend using this receiver as a pre-amp/processor rather than a receiver due to the high quality junk in the trunk and at $430 (New) that’s not a terrible idea at all. If you use it as a pre/pro you can still use the internal amp for whatever you want… or don’t use it at all, your choice

Marantz and Denon are both owned by the same investment group

If you want the most out of the Audyssey there is an app you have to buy for $20

Need more details but if they were bought as a group set from Woot! I would say probably (pronounced Pro-Bob-ly as my Gr8 Grandmother would say)(Polish)

SLS Audio QS1000 Home Theater System However I just looked on the back of the speakers themselves and they say 4ohm

Should… this is a nice receiver and if you are running 5 smallish satellites and this receiver has a 6 Ohm rating meaning the amps are flexible. Plus 5 speakers on a 7 channel receiver means more power available per channel.

Instruction Manual

Kind of my other question. I really only have dish network right now to hook up. I’m sure dish boxes don’t do have the stuff this can do. I’m sure this is overkill for me but wow $429 is a good price. Then again I have been looking for a receiver that does 4 ohm and they not easy to find. At least not for under $500

Still not sure about the speaker. Manual says 6ohms but the back of the speaker themselves say 4. I have to turn it all the way up to get it loud enough.

i24u. Agree with previous commenter. The amp will easily drive the speakers and you will get a lot more functionality with the HDMI connections. When you do update your speakers, you will be very happy.

The manual states 140w @ 6 ohms so I think this receiver would be a good starting point for your home theatre addiction… Haha/only sorta joking

You talked me into it. I was going to get speakers first then receiver but this seems like a really good receiver for this price point. Plus my whole home is controlled by alexa as it is now. I have Sirius xm radio. I don’t think i can go wrong at $429

Since you already have speakers, receiver first is a very good plan and Marantz is still a respected brand and I would buy it… if I were in the market for a new toy

They are fine. This is a complicated subject. So best do some googling to get a general understanding.

So glad to see with all our technology that they’re making these the same size as they did back in the 70s…

They may be the same size, but modern receivers contain dozens of more features and functions, if the 70’s versions could have the same functions you’d need a city block to hold all the electronics!

So does my smart phone, but it fits in my pocket.

So does my smart phone, but it fits in my pocket.

Also your smart phone doesn’t need room for 827 inputs/outputs on the back.

I have been looking at and considering purchasing this unit refurbed for $499.00 1 yr warr. at Accessories for Less. I planned to use it as a preamp processor to replace my old school HK PT 2500 Dolby ProLogic pre/proc that has great sound but is getting very buggy (and outdated technically). At this Woot price NEW I pulled the trigger as soon as I verified it was the same model. Woot you still got it, not like you used to, but that old Woot pre-Amazon days still surfaces occasionally.

You should be good with this unit, if it’s not supplying enough juice for 4 Ohm spkrs, you can always add another amp and use this as a pre amp.

BTW most of your better high end / Audiophile speakers run at 4 Ohms and can be a bit demanding on an Amp. I have 6 to 4 Ohm spkrs and drive them with a 120 watt Sonagraph Amp…But the Amp is a Tank and it never bottoms out. Consider a used Adcom from audiogon in the future.