Marantz Professional Ribbon Microphone W/Low-Mass Diaphragm

To state what is to some the obvious.

[A while back I did an audio book called “Exploring Music and Sound on Your PC.”]

A studio mic should be used in a studio. That means sound-dampened, etc. If you are not in a studio, a “performance” mic may work better at rejecting room noise, etc.

When I do some on-location interviews, I stop using my Electrovoice RE-20s (about $450 each) in favor of some AKG performance mics that are half that price. Got better results.

Keep in mind that while recording gear changes, you may end up with the same mics for years.

Excited to get this mic. I haven’t any mics with bi=polar pick up patterns, nor any ribbons; so this should fit the bill nicely!