Marc Jacobs Jewelry

Pay attention to the descriptions. It’s not gold or silver. It’s “gold” and “silver”. It’s not even gold-plated. It’s mostly tin. The “gold” ones are tin and brass and the silver ones are tin and glass.

All of the earrings don’t seem to include surgical steel (some do), so might cause you to have allergic reactions. They’re frequently brass and tin.

Domed earrings are cheaper directly from the Marc Jacobs website??

Maybe it’s just me, but unless my name happens to be Marc Jacobs, why would I want some obnoxious jewelry that prominently displays that name?

Oh, right … this is for label puttanas!

Never mind.

I might just be a touch drunk, but all the named jewelry made me laugh out loud. Marc Jacobs seems like a pill.

Why would anyone pay $106 for a piece of jewelry that is 70% Tin, 30% Brass?