Marcel Drucker Skeleton Watches

So the models with the nice face and numerals that don’t overwhelm the skeleton feature are only available as ladies watches? That’s a shame.

Yeah, these are some hideous watches.

I thought the same thing. How disappointing. The “mens” watches cover up everything.

Too big for this men’s. Also, why the possessive apostrophe in “men’s” but not in “ladies”?

I think it should be ladieses’s.

I’m glad it’s not just me…

I can’t imagine anyone designing uglier watches (for men).

Agreed. Overpriced Chinese movement made watches. Should be about $80

I think it should be menses.

Woot keeps selling cheap Chinese crap with severely bloated MSRPs. Look at the watchmaker website. They have a gmail email address…That doesn’t seem to professional. No details on the movement etc,

Unfortunately this is pretty common on most online shopping sites. I don’t know how many times I see watch sales on Amazon show “1,569 MSRP - on sale for $69” lol.

Someone wanted women’s skeleton watches on here last time. I have to agree and say they at least look semi-decent compared to the men’s. Oof…